The Most Common Types of Light Bulbs for RV and Motor Homes

May 20, 2019 3 Comments

The Most Common Types of Light Bulbs for RV and Motor Homes

RV LED replacements are one of the fastest and most affordable ways to update your motorhome or recreational vehicle. It is important to choose the perfect lights that will last for years.  You might want to know the most common types of light bulbs for RV and Motor Homes.

Whether you want to update only your light bulbs or switch out the entire fixtures, we will point you to the right direction.  Do you want to replace your old light fixtures?  It’s easier than you think!

There are two issues that come with RV light fixtures:
  • They can be boring.  They don’t have much style.
  • The bulbs aren’t LED.  Energy sucks!  They could get really hot, and even leave burn marks. Yikes! Scary, isn’t it?

Did you know that you can use any light fixture in your RV as long as you have the correct light bulbs? Yes, it’s the bulbs that count. The fixture doesn’t matter so much.  What matters is the light bulb that goes into the light fixture.  Basically, if you have a 120v light, you can use any fixture as long as you use 120v bulb.  But what are the bulbs for a typical RV or motor home?


RV Refrigerator Bulbs

RV Refrigerator Bulbs


Busted refrigerator bulbs are fairly common in motor homes and RVs. However, it needs to be fixed right away.  It can be considerably hard to find items in the fridge without proper lighting.  The most common cause of lighting failure is a burned-out bulb.  These bulbs work quite similar to other home bulbs. But since you dot use them often, they last longer.

Replacing fridge bulbs is easy. First, you need to locate the original bulb, unscrew it, place the new one, and then plug your refrigerator.  The light should work well.  If it isn’t working, the problem might be caused by the doors switch. It might have been turned off permanently.

You need to choose the right replacement bulb.  When it comes to the fridge, you cannot choose one that goes over 40 watts.  This might cause fire.  Get the brand and model of your fridge to find out if the bulb matches your fridge.

The perfect bulb for your fridge is our G4 JC 1.5W 3528 LED Light Bulb G4 2 Pin Spot Home Halogen Replacement.  It is great for DC 12 volts or 24-volt power systems with equalization charge or float charge.  It is also perfect if your system’s idle voltage isn’t stable as well.

This light bulb is 100 lumens and runs at 1.5-watt output.  Yes, it is super ultra-energy conserving.  It’s 3258 LED, and it’s about 3.5 mm x 2.8 mm in size.  The working voltage is 12 volts to 24 volts in AC or DC wide voltage range. It can be used for RV and motor homes, but you can also use it for marine and solar systems as well as fishing boats and vehicle systems.

Are you having problems with your fridge’s light bulb?  Does it not last more than a week?  Yes, that’s not normal.  It might be because you’re not using the correct bulb.  The right one for a fridge could last for years – even seven years! Make sure to check the voltage. It should be between 12.5 and 13.5 VDC.  Again, you need to use the right bulb for the right fixture.  Otherwise, you would end up buying replacements over and over again.

Here’s a little tip that you have to consider to save your fridge’s light from burning out too soon. You will find two switches, CLC and LAC.  Make sure to turn off both switches.  One switch is for moisture that forms on the frame around the inside of the doors; the other leaves the light ON to keep the fridge from freezing the food when it’s at low temperature. Make sure to turn both switches off to ensure that the bulb will be useful for a long time.


RV Range Hood Bulbs

Your RV or motorhome is considerably small, and when you cook, you will have air pollutants like steam, grease particles, greasy smoke, and odors coming up to the surface.  Add carbon monoxide and nitrogen into the mix, and you will have an air quality problem in your RV.  To avoid all these problems, you might want to install a range hood which would help remove polluted air from the inside to the outside.  It could also help clean the air inside your RV.

There are so many benefits to having a range hood inside your RV or motor home.  First of all, it can help suctioned steam and hot air so cooking inside your small RV will be more comfortable.  Range hoods keep the RV cleaner. It keeps airborne grease from sticking on surfaces, counters, and cabinets. It forces polluted air outside your motorhome or RV.  It creates a negative pressure which causes clean air to enter the RV, thereby improving air quality. Your RV is considerably small, and you cannot always cook outdoors.  

Of course, just because it’s functional, it doesn’t mean it can’t look good.  With the right lighting, it can add the perfect touch to your RV. There are so many designs to choose from, and you can find one that fits your budget. Also, range hoods provide additional lighting, which is a huge deal in a small cramped space.  It can help provide supplemental lighting for cooking or ambiance.

It is a great idea to get a range hood that would add great lighting to your RV or motorhome as well as add to the aesthetics.  The bulb wattage need not be high.  After all, the hood is closer to the cooktop that the ceiling.  You can install work lights, warming lights, and lights for effect.  When it comes to range hood lights, we recommend our G4 JC 12V-24V 6 Watt 12x 5630 LED Light Bulb.

In truth, our G4 JC LED bulbs have numerous applications because they use little energy.  It’s small, so it’s perfect for range hoods. It’s bright, and it has low heat output.  It comes in various ranges of input voltages.  This has been tested with different kinds of power supplies, so we know it’s safe and compatible with most range hoods.

This bulb has 300 lumens. Its working voltage is 12 volts to 30 volts in AC or DC. It’s a 57230 Samsung LED, measuring 5.7 mm x 3 mm. It is perfect for RV and motorhomes, but it can be used in 12-volt marine, solar and wind systems, fishing boats, vehicle systems, and others.  It works as a replacement for JC halogen lamps and other 12 volt systems.  Each chip is about 0.5W each.  It emits a very bright LED.  You can use this for range hoods, but it can also be used for spotlight, desk, pendant, novelty, and designer lamps.


RV Stove Light Bulbs

Many people with RVs or motorhomes cringe about cooking in their mobile homes.  The truth is it can be difficult or easy as you make it.  There are different RV stove options available to you.  You can use a propane stove so you wouldn’t have to do the chopping, stacking or moving wood.  Propane stove doesn’t need lighting or tending fire.

Most people have electric RV stoves.  It’s perfect for people who would like to avoid using propane.  You can park your RV and hook up your electricity.  You can use your RV’s electricity to save cash. This is perfect if you are parked in a campground which charges a nightly fee.

Most RVs are fitted with these cooktops, but there are RVs with diesel stoves as well.  They look like stoves that you would find in high-end homes.  They are easy to clean, and there is no open flame.  A stove is a place where you can cook your meal and provide nutritious meals to your loved ones while you’re on the road.  It would be hard though if your oven light is not working.  It will be hard to see what you’re cooking.

If you need to replace your stove’s light bulb, you can get our G4 JC AC DC 3.75W 12 Volt to 24 Volt LED Capsule Light Bulb.  It is available in cool and warm white.  This bulb is perfect if you have a DC 12-volt power system with equalization charge or float charge.  It is also great if your system’s idle voltage is unstable.

It is 200 lumens with 2.75W output.  It is ultra-energy efficient.  It has a working voltage of 12 volts to 24 volts in AC or DC wide voltage.  It has 5050 LED (5 mm x 5 mm).  It is great for RV and motorhomes, but you can use it in fishing, marine, solar, wind, and vehicle systems.  It is an excellent replacement for 10W JC Halogen spot lamp.

When replacing the light bulb, make sure to minimize the chance of electric shock by unplugging the appliance from the power supply before you attempt cleaning or maintenance.  Before replacing the light bulb, make sure to wait until the oven is cool. Disconnect from the source of power.  When replacing the light bulb, make sure to use gloves or dry cloth to handle the bulb.  Touching it with your bare hands can damage it and shorten its life.


RV Tail Light Bulbs

RV Tail Light Bulbs

Tail lights are important to you and your family’s safety while you are on the road.  If your lights are busted, you need to change them immediately.  They offer a safety aspect to your RV or motor home.  Tail lights show the rear edge of your vehicle to allow other drivers to gauge how small or large your vehicle is.

Other drivers will also be able to see your RV or motor home despite rain or snow.  If your tail light has gone out, it will be very dangerous. So, you need to replace your tail lights right away.  Otherwise, you can get pulled for busted tail lights.

LED lights are indeed becoming a more popular choice when it comes to tail lights. They are smaller, and they last longer than traditional lights.  They have become quite popular, and they are commonly used on trucks, cars, RVs, and motor homes.

They are brighter than standard bulbs.  They lit up fully in just about half of millisecond.  You may think that the speed difference is hardly noticeable, but it is quite noticeable.  This is one reason why you should opt for LED light bulbs.

Of course, there are other advantages to using LED bulbs.  They consume about a third of your RV’s electrical power.  They are capable of operating at 80,000 hours, which makes it safer for RVs to use. You would avoid having a failed light while you are on the road in the middle of nowhere.

If you need to change your lights, you might want to get our 8x 5050 12V-24V DC Tower LED Light Bulb.  It comes in cool and warm light colors.  It is a fantastic replacement for a 12 volt to 24 volt AC or DC system in 1156 mini bayonet twist and lock fitting.

It is great for automotive, marine, and other DC 12 volt lighting.  You can save amps and avoid using halogen when you use this light bulb. You can use it directly with your low-voltage transformer.  It is 180 lumens, 5050 LED system which measures about 5 mm x 5 mm.  It is great for RV and motor homes, but you can also use it for marine, solar, wind, fishing, and vehicle systems.


RV Porch Light Bulbs

Porches aren’t just for homeowners. Even RV or mobile home owners can have their own porch.  There’s something special about these extensions.  When you were a kid, you knew it was time to come home when the porch light turns on. Indeed, it is a beacon in the night. It makes you feel safe and secure that your RV is illuminated. Porch lights like other exterior wall-mounted fixtures will help complement your mobile home while providing visibility to you and your guests.

Porch lights can be installed in just about any exterior wall as long as there is electricity. Porch lights are referred to sometimes as wall sconces, wall lanterns, or wall brackets. Regardless of the kind of porch lights you have, it would be great to have them. You don’t want to be tripping and falling over something when you go outside at night.  Sitting in the dark is not fun either.  It can be a bit creepy.  This is why it is a great idea to have porch lights installed.

It is always a great idea to get several porch lights and install them in various corners of your porch.  They need to be the right size as well.  You need something that not only illuminates your porch but the surrounding area as well. Avoid buying a too small light. Get a huge one and make sure to hang it in the middle of your porch.

Do you need light bulbs for your porch?  We would recommend the LED DC 12 Volt E26 Screw Base Side Mount Light Bulb, which comes in cool and warm light.  It is perfect for when you have a 12 volt to a 24-volt power source.  It is suitable for these systems.  It is also great for when you have an unstable or fluctuating voltage.

The bulb is heavy duty, and it is designed with a wide DC driver which helps regulate electricity from 10 volts to 25 volts. It is perfect for charging DC power grids and voltage. It is 5050 LED and measures 5 mm x 5 mm.  You can use this for RV and motor homes, but you can also use this in your marine, solar, wind, fishing, and other vehicle systems. This makes for the perfect replacement for 50 W traditional light bulbs.

When you install your porch light is considerably easy if you have electricity that goes to your porch.  It will involve a simple removable of old systems and install the new ones.  You may have to hire an electrician to do this for you. If you have an existing system, it will be easy to just replace the light bulbs with energy saving ones. LED may seem a bit expensive, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run. Just make sure that you get the right wattage to meet your needs.


Interior Bulbs

RV Interior Bulbs

Your RV is your home away from home.  You want it to look and feel comfortable and homey.  This means making sure it properly lit up.  You need a good interior design for your RV or motor home – and this means having the right lighting.  Unfortunately, this is always often neglected. A great lighting is that simple tool that makes a huge difference in a space. It transforms a space into a home. That is why lighting is crucial to interior design.

You cannot have too much lighting or too little of it.  You have to narrow down your options.  The goal is to create the perfect ambient through lighting. You can set up different lighting for different areas in your RV or motorhome. Your sleeping areas will have dimmed lighting with some supplemental lighting. This area needs to be properly lit, but it shouldn’t be too bright that it will disturb sleep.

The living quarters of your RV should have lighting that matches the rest of the décor. They should accentuate your interiors. The lighting should allow you to enjoy the things you love to do without sacrificing the ambiance of your home on wheels.

The gateway to creating fantastic indoor lighting is finding a way to position lighting to optimize function and ambiance. You need to find the right lighting options that will suit your needs but will also bring you one step closer to excellent interior lighting.

When it comes to interior lighting, LED RV light bulbs are always your best option. They can keep your electrical usage considerably low. This is a great investment especially if you are paying for electricity on your rental space. Low wattage LED lights offer hours of illumination without draining your battery.

How do you choose which lights to buy for your RV’s interior?

First off, you need to choose the right LED RV light bulbs.  This means choosing the right color as well.  Light varies in color and will have different effects in your RV’s ambiance. The spectrum ranges from natural light, cool light to warm light.

Natural light feels like you’re walking in the sun. It feels like sunlight. Cool light is the whitest and the brightest of all colors. Warm light offers a warm blush and traditional color to your RV’s interior.

Light bulbs are not created equal, so take your time to choose the best one for your home. We offer an amazing range of options when it comes to interior bulbs. You can find one that will complement your RV or motorhome and give it the best ambiance while allowing you to save money.


Exterior Bulbs

Home is where you park your motor home or RV, and decorative exterior lights will help turn a small motorhome into a home.  Exterior LED lights are a great way to brighten up the night wherever you may have decided to park. They also help give clarity to unfamiliar surroundings. You will also most likely feel safer when your surroundings are well lit as well.

We recommend updating your rig with crisp, efficient, and cost-saving LED bulbs.  Yes, they may cost more than traditional bulbs, but they last longer, and they use less electricity.  This is perfect for when you pay for electricity.  LED bulbs use a mere fraction of the energy used by traditional light bulbs.

Of course, choosing exterior lighting may not be easy.  You need to make the right choice; otherwise, you will ruin your RV’s exterior appearance.  Unfortunately, there are many options when it comes to exterior light. So, here are the things you need to consider when making your choice.

First off, you need to consider the function. Different lights accomplish different functions. So, it is best to consider the purpose before you buy or install your exterior lights.  Are you installing exterior lights to illuminate the outdoors?  Are you trying to prevent burglary or theft?  Do you want to highlight your RV or motorhome’s features at night?  By knowing the purpose, you will know which light bulbs to purchase.

Your second consideration is the source of power. There are exterior lights which require a low voltage of electricity. Others would require more energy.  So, what is your source of electricity? Are you paying for electricity as well as RV parking?  Do you have solar panels installed?  It is best to choose bulbs that you can supply with sufficient power without spending a lot of money.

Lastly, you need to consider your fixture and the energy requirement for each.  What kind of exterior fixture do you have?  What kind of light bulbs do they need?  Do they need incandescent light or halogen ones?  However, if you want light bulbs that are cost-saving and efficient, it is always best to go for LED lights.  They are eco-friendly. They last longer, and they will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Consider these tips when choosing the right exterior bulbs.  This will allow you to beautify your RV’s exterior while ensuring your safety at night.  We can help you with your purchase. Check out our extensive collection of exterior light bulbs. We are sure that you will find the perfect ones for your motorhome.

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john gasser
john gasser

June 29, 2022

Can I get a catalog to identify bulbs. My rig is 30 yes old

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Glen Taylor

January 18, 2022

Thank you for sharing this information. I am looking to replace my old bulbs as some are already flashing signs of failure.

Natalie Roberts
Natalie Roberts

June 02, 2020

Great information for Rv light bulbs. But I want to know how to replace it if my RV light bulbs is broken. Thanks so much!

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