5 Cool Applications for Lighting That Are Battery Operated

April 10, 2019

application of light in daily life

Right now there are undeniably tons of issues related to our daily use of electricity – from having to pay big amounts of bills to live “conveniently” up to producing greenhouse gases that impact the earth. However, these negative results are inevitable because let’s be realistic – our highly-technologized world generally relies on electricity to function. Every aspect of our modern existence has depended on the utilization and application of electricity to power-up almost everything we need to survive – household appliances, heating system, air-conditioning, computers, machinery, lighting, public transportation, and the list goes on.

Nevertheless, as we continue to progress, finding better energy alternatives are always available. One great innovation is the discovery and invention of battery-operated lights, which began in the form of portable, hand-held lights or torches, known as flashlights. The late 19th century paved the way to the development of these handy “electric lights that are powered by dry cell batteries. From that time on, flashlights continued to be reinvented and redesigned to provide convenience – from initially using expensive carbon-filament bulbs to making it highly-efficient and low cost via LED lights.   

The usability of flashlights stemmed to the creation of a variety of battery-powered lighting systems, and soon became the popular trend to homeowners and interior designers in decorating and installing residential areas even commercial spaces with wireless and self-reliant light fixtures that don’t just provide aesthetic function, but excellent convenience, energy-efficient, and safe illumination.

When choosing a battery for your light fixtures, it is ideal to familiarize with the criteria before installation such as energy capacity, power, lifespan, warranty and rate of discharge. The number and kind you will use and need, whether rechargeable or non-rechargeable, rely on your preferences. It is best to opt for batteries that are long-lasting and reliable.  

In this article, we will talk about the fantastic features of five of the coolest battery-powered lighting you and your family may consider using.


1. Battery Powered Off-grid Houses Powered by Solar

The use of solar energy has been in the rise, particularly with consumers who try to live environmentally conscious and to reduce the impacts of too much consumption of electricity. Solar-powered houses can work in three different methods – (1) on-grid or grid-tied, (2) off-grid or stand-alone power systems (SAPS), and (3) hybrid solar panels. The difference between these three photovoltaic energy systems is their ways on how they use and store sunlight to power-up the entire household.



It is undeniable how solar systems benefit its users in a multitude of ways, but let us focus on the remarkable features of the off-grid solar technology. Unlike grid-tied and hybrid solar systems, off-grid is a totally independent system that is disconnected to any public electrical power source and entirely works through collecting adequate sun energy, which is then stored in a battery. Typically, cells utilized in off-grid systems have the capacity to save enough energy to last a year, which gives its users a reliable power source during winter when there is less sunlight. To ensure the optimal functions of the off-grid system, high-quality batteries must be used and changed every ten years. During its first years of being available in the market, stand-alone power systems are quite expensive due to the high-cost batteries and inverters and compared to other modes of PV systems, installation and maintenance can really be costly. Only those living remotely and owns rest houses, ranch or cabins situated away from the cities have the capacity to afford and to use the off-grid system. However, as the price of batteries became more and more reasonable, the off-grid solar system started to increase its marketability, even to urban areas. City dwellers begin to transform their residences into this cost-saving, eco-friendly, sustainable, and highly self-sufficient type of energy.    


2. Closet Lights

Like any other homeowner, it is such an uncomfortable work, and needless to say a huge hassle to try and figure out how to assemble all the cables and electrical outlets just to light-up rooms in our homes, particularly the wardrobe area, well for many reasons one being its vulnerability to start a fire and getting electrocuted due to faulty wirings. Nonetheless having bright and cordless battery-powered lights in our closet, which conveniently aids our vision in choosing clothes or finding our favorite pair of pants to wear is more than an extravagance but an absolute relief. Fortunately, revolutionizing LED lighting systems, modern household owners are now given several options on installing lighting fixtures that are battery-operated that can be put anywhere without wiring dilemmas. Aside from having no worries of doubling your electricity bills, well because they are battery-powered, another fantastic feature of these automatic closet lights are their capacity to illuminate brighter compared to electrical bulbs. They can also be controlled by remotes OR better yet be equipped with motion-sensing component, which adds to its exceptional application.



3. Cordless Light Fixtures

Ever wondered how to create a minimalist and high-functioning space for your living areas? Then you better start with your lighting fixtures. No matter how much we hide it, we cannot deny the fact that unorganized wires and extension cords are such an eyesore and even heightens the occurrence of fire incidents. The good thing with modernization, a wide variety of innovative technology has given homeowners and architects access to cordless lamps and other light fixtures that do not just accentuate a creative and beautiful space but safeguards a secure environment free from faulty wiring hazards and definitively saves you money, time and energy.

Cordless lighting fixtures are battery-operated and usually fitted to places that are challenging to access like high ceilings and outdoor sheds. They are also instrumental in places that have limited electrical outlets.

Many assume that battery-operated lights produce low illumination, but all users say otherwise. These wireless devices that employ LED technology can give high-output of up to 200 lumens per watt, which is way too bright than incandescent bulbs’ 10 lumens per watt and fluorescents’ 45 lumens per watt; depending on its type and battery voltage capacity – meaning you may choose how bright you need your lights, and even conveniently change its colors, install it anywhere, and assemble them with remote control kits or have it motion activated.  


4. Garden Shed Lights

Illuminating dark sheds can be complicated, especially when considering which lighting system is durable and can withstand extreme weathers like intense heat coupled with rainfalls during summer, and snowstorms during winter. There are expansive options for shed lights, but what matters the most is how it can be powered-up since most sheds are located at a distance outside our homes. Therefore, its lighting system must significantly feature easy installation and superb weatherproof tendency.



Since battery-operated devices are very much utilized presently, more residential proprietors are transforming their garden sheds into a much safer and practical place to work day in and day out via battery-powered lighting fixtures using LED or halogen bulbs that are of good quality and for long-term usability.


5. Motion Sensor Indoor and Outdoor Lights

What better way to finalize this list of cool battery-powered lighting systems than to feature those lights that work like magic - those that detect movements through infrared waves using it either to automatically turn on or to signal an alarm, relieving its users the troubles of finding that “missing” switch or plugging wires in to electrical outlets. Motion-sensor has long been employed with a wide range of technological devices, and one of its great application is the motion-sensor lights that are especially made to enhance home security, to illuminate dark outdoor paths or entryways, and obviously to improve quality home convenience. Moreover, contrary to most consumer’s belief, installing motion sensor lighting is budget-friendly and simple. Plus, it can be powered entirely by batteries adding to its safety features and easy manageable functions.    


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