Phocos Waterproof IP68 12V 24V CIS 5A 10A 20A Solar Charge Controller Lighting Management System

5A / 1 Port
20A / 1 Port
20A / 2 Port

Designed for solar LED street commercial and residential lighting system development IP68 protection. Fully waterproof. Adjustable load working time of 1-12 hours with lighting power time (light control point). This is a high degree CIS protection multifunctional solar charge controller

Each model is available in 1x load port or 2x load ports , If a 2x load port model is purchase , the second load port is dimmable. Single load port models are non-dimmable

Models available are : 5A , 10A , 20A 

Product Dimensions
Length 3.14"
Width 3.22"
Height 0.78''
  • Epoxy filled PCB board, Dust proof and water proof IP68 rating
  • Rugged and compact aluminum housing , corrosion and rust free
  • Optional remote available - 
  • External temperature sensor for temperature compensation according to the relative ambient temperature in real time. 
  • Liquid three-stage battery charging control (strong red, balanced red, float), two-phase gel battery charging control (strong red, float). 
  • 12V and 24V system auto-switch , the system will detect the voltage
  • CIS compact, rugged design meets the industrial use of standards, applicable to a variety of small off-grid solar systems. CIS solar controller combines the most advanced technology, the best quality and most cost-effective. 
  • CIS controller is an advanced solar charge controller series of low-cost controller. 
  • CIS series controller has three load output control modes: universal controller mode, dusk to midnight mode, night / early morning two-stage model. Battery low voltage protection mode, there are two, the battery capacity control (SOC) and battery voltage control. 
  • Technical parameters : 5A / 5A 2 port / 10A / 10A 2 port / 20A / 20A 2 port 
  • Rated voltage :12V / 24V system voltage auto detect
  • Maximum charge / discharge current of 5 A 10 A 20 A 
  • Charge voltage 14.4 / 28.8 V (25 ℃) 2 hours
  • Balanced overshoot voltage 14.8 / 29.6 V (25 ℃) for 2 hours
  • Float voltage 13.8 / 27.2 V (25 ℃)
  • Low voltage protection 11.00-12.02 V / 22.00-24.04 V
  • Load reconnect voltage 12.8 / 25.6 V 
  • Night / morning run time 0-15 Hours / 0-14 Hours 
  • Night / early morning to identify voltage (light control point voltage) 2.5-10 V /(2.5-10)+1.5V 
  • Suitable for all battery types
  • Temperature compensation coefficient of -4.2 mV / K per cell 
  • Battery terminal can withstand a maximum voltage 40 V 
  • Strong charge phase activation voltage battery voltage is lower than 12.3V 
  • Balanced charge phase activation voltage of the battery voltage is lower than 12.1V

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