Outdoor Waterproof 12V AC To DC Converter - 12 Volt LED Supply 1A Rectifier

Don't Change To A Expensive Transformer - Just Change The 12 Volt From AC to DC

An easy to install 12Vac to 12Vdc power current converter to get those old halogen AC 12 volt power supplies to work with newer DC 12 volt LED products. This can include LED light strips, light bars, work lights or flood lights.

Made for use in the outdoors with casing sealed and waterproof. Eliminates the need for waterproof transformers, timer for a transformer, and a LOT of wiring work and wires itself. Its that simple - Just change from AC to DC.


Product Dimensions
Length 2.48"
Width 1.25"
Height 0.70''
  • Small compact size
  • 12Vac TO 12Vdc rectifier - Wide voltage band of 10V-28V
  • 1 Amp - Handles up to 12 watts
  • IP68 Waterproof and suitable for any outdoor use
  • High 93%-95% efficiency
  • Working temperature: -20°C TO 80°C
  • Weight - 50G
  • Pigtail wiring length: 5.1" / 130mm

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