DC 12V 24V 2A 2.1MM Plug Low Voltage Lighting LED Light Bulb Dimmer - Black

12V - 24V

Plug and play 2.1mm DC socket - instant set up 

Rated at <2A and designed for 12V and 24V batterys , marine battery systems , power switch for low voltage DC power sources and solar panel lighting systems. Wheel on button lets you dim and control your DC lighting at whim.

Product Dimensions
Length 2.40"
Width 1.29"
Height 1.25''
  • Operating temperature -20º to 60º
  • Wheel adjustable
  • Rated for up to 2A
  • Eliminate need for messy wiring and switches
  • Optimal use with LED lighting and lamps
  • Male and female 2.1mm pig tails for convenient installation

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