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G9 Halogen Clear Lense Light Bulb 25W 40W 75W JCD Type Puck Replacement


SKU: G9-CL-25W-WW-120V-10P

Warm white

Product Details

What do we want ? - Good light bulbs.

How do we like em ? - Priced just right

That is what 12Vmonster.com is here to offer to you. Our long lasting G9 hollow pin JCD light bulb will keep your lamps lit and happy for a long time. Clear glass lense that emit super crystal clear lighting without the glare. All the quality @ wholesale pricing. (10 pack)

  • 10 Units per pack
  • Clear lense
  • working voltage - 100 volt to 130 volt -OR- 220 volt to 240 volt
  • Available in 25 watt , 40 watt ,  75 watt
  • Direct replacements for your home JCD G9 halogen fittings

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Albie M.
Price reasonable; shipping free; 10 small bulbs; 1 used; 9 as backup. So far so good. Thanks