DC 12V Latching 30A Heavy Duty Boat Car Low Voltage Wireless Remote Control Kit

DC 12V


Do you have that DC 12 Volt power source that should go wireless? Add a touch of the future with a wireless ON OFF switch for your low voltage power system , control your load from a distance and turn on and with just a push of a button.

Handles up to 350W

Ideal for 12V batterys marine battery systems, power switch for low voltage DC power sources and solar panel lighting systems, power gates, power windows, power window shades , power curtains , kids power wheel ignition lighting and a wide variety of DC 12 volt equipment , DC LED lighting and low voltage power systems

Product Dimensions
Length 2.51"
Width 1.96"
Height 1.14''
  • Latching Relay
  • Working voltage -11.5 volt to 13.2 volt
  • 300 feet range ( level surface )
  • Rated for up to 30A
  • Latching relay
  • Use for marine, solar/wind systems, fishing, motor home/RV, buses, vehicles systems, etc.
  • Eliminate need for messy wiring and switches
  • Can be used as a emergency kill switch


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