12V - 24V 20A Remote Control Wireless ON OFF Switch Set - LED Light Strip Dimmer

12V - 24V

A super easy installation - A wireless and simple DIY unit for any 12 volt to 24 volt DC LED lighting.  

Rated at 20A and designed for 12V and 24V batterys, marine battery systems , power switch for low voltage DC power sources and solar panel lighting systems, PWM dimming function to effortless control your lights with easy with a simple on off button. Strobe function available when pushing both the Up and Down dimming buttons.

  • Latching function - push button and release - load turns ON / push button again and release - load turns OFF
  • Operating temperature -20º to 60º
  • Momentary function for PWM dimming
  • Working voltage - 11.8 volt to 25 volt
  • 30m range ( level surface )
  • Rated for up to 20A
  • Standy-by drain = 0.4W
  • Use for marine, solar/wind systems, fishing, motor home/RV, buses, vehicles systems, etc.
  • Eliminate need for messy wiring and switches
  • Can be used as a emergency kill switch
  • 433 MHz
  • Dimensions - 84mm x 66mm x 26mm
  • 8A also available here

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