G4 JC 2W LED Filament Capsule Light Bulb Halogen Lamp AC 12V DC 9V-18V - 6 Pack

Cool white
Warm white

What do we hate about traditional halogen capsule light bulbs ? They get so burning hot and they are only available in a warm white (un-cool for some settings).

Would you like to save more power and money? Our newest LED filament JC LED capsule light bulb emits very low heat , along with a cool white color choice and draws only 2W.  Doing all that while closely mimicking the look of a traditional glass halogen capsule bui pin light bulb.

Wide working volage for DC power sources , from 9 Volt to 18 Volt and works pefectly with AC 12V.

Product Dimensions
Diameter 0.43"
Height 1.57"
  • 130 lumen +/- 10%
  • 2 Watt consumption
  • 6 Units per pack
  • Working voltage - AC 12V or DC 9V - 18V
  • Use for low voltage power supplies
  • Replacements for standard JC G4 Halogen spot lamps and puck lights
  • Sold in local vendors for $5+ per unit
  • 30000H lifetime

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