5 Things You Should Know When Deciding On Your First Candle Warmer

February 06, 2023

5 Things You Should Know When Deciding On Your First Candle Warmer

A huge congratulations on taking a leap and considering buying your very own candle warmer!

However, before you go to the store or make that online purchase, there are a few things you should know and consider before buying a candle warmer.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what are the features of a candle warmer and what aspects you should be on look out for. Now don’t be nervous, candle warmers are not that complex so there shouldn’t be anything too technical that you’ll need a deep experience and understanding of.

The good news though is that the list we’ll be sharing are based on the reviews and testimonials of people who have purchased candle warmers, so the items here are based on real-life occurrences that you may encounter when you finally make that purchase.

Candle warmer black and wood base

What are candle warmers

In one of our previous articles,What is a candle warmer and why is it worth your next purchase? We talked about what candle warmers are and why they’re worth purchasing. So just to recap:

A candle warmer is a device used to help distribute the scent of a candle without the use of an open flame. The device primarily uses a light bulb as a heat source and depending on the type of candle warmer, it can be operated by being plugged in or through a battery.

Candle warmer lamp white

Why are candle warmers important?

Since you’re already on the stage of purchasing your own candle warmer, you already probably know their benefits and why they’re important.
However, just to refresh you, here are some of the main reasons why you should get your own candle warmer:

  • They’re much safer
  • They save more money
  • They avoid damaging your home
  • They use up less wax

So those are some of the reasons why candle warmers are a great purchase. If you’d like to deep dive into each of the above examples, feel free to go back to our previous article,What is a candle warmer and why is it worth your next purchase?

Black and white candle warmers with wood base

5 things you should know when deciding on your first candle warmer

Now let’s get started on why you’re really here, to know what are the things you need to know or be on the lookout for when deciding on your first candle warmer.

Candle sizes

One of the most common questions consumers have for candle warmers are the sizes of candles that candle warmers can accommodate.

Now most of the time candle warmers tend to have a large base so it can pretty much accommodate the majority of the candle sizes available.

However, if you’re going to purchase the much larger candles, the standard candle warmer can still accommodate those sizes however there would be less gap between the lamp and the candle itself leaving a narrow room for the candle’s scent to flow.

In addition to this, the candle is closer to the light bulb which can also mean it might consume the candle wax much faster.

Lastly, aesthetic wise the candle warmer may not look as pleasant due to the ratio of the large candle and the lamp.

So when deciding on your first candle warmer, make sure to take note of the sizes of your preferred candles.

Light Bulb compatibility 

Next up is light bulb compatibility. At first, this one is not a major concern since most candle warmers come in one or two sets of light bulbs for you to use.

However, in the event that you should need to buy your own spare, make sure to know which light bulb is both compatible and safe to use with your candle warmer. Know what watts/ voltage works well with your candle warmer and check what kind of socket your candle warmer has.

When in doubt, you can always take a look at your candle warmer’s instruction/safety manual or purchase the light bulb from the same shop where you bought your candle warmer.

Timer feature 

You’re already all too familiar with the safety features that come with candle warmers.

But did you know that there is another way for you to take safety to the next level with candle warmers?

Some candle warmers come with a timer feature. This means that you can be at ease when you have a tendency to be forgetful. In addition to this you can already set how long you want your candle warmer to run and leave or go to sleep as you please.

Just imagine going to bed and letting your candle warmer do all the work and it’ll take care of itself! 

Adjustable arc 

Earlier we mentioned keeping in mind candle sizes.

However, if you already have a candle warmer size you’d like for your home but you want to use a variety of candle sizes this option is for you.

Some candle warmers come with an adjustable arc or lamp. This means that should you have a larger candle or vice versa, you can adjust your candle warmer to work with your needs.

Another way to use this is if you’d like to adjust the direction of the heat that coming down on your candle.

Adjustable heat

Another feature of candle warmers which you can adjust to your preference is the amount of heat that you use.

Some candle warmers will have a default setting and just lit up but there are also candle warmers whose knobs you can also use to adjust the amount of heat that you’d like to use on your candle.

If you’re happy you can opt for candle warmers that have the simple switch feature, however, if you’d like to have more control you can go for the knob feature.

Bonus: Design

Design! Of course, how can we leave this one out?

Probably one of the most exciting parts for consumers when purchasing a candle warmer is deciding what design of candle warmer they’ll get for their home.

Aside from being safe to use, candle warmers are also great home decors which is why many people look forward to having them in their home.

So which one will you get?

The intricate and detailed one or the simple and minimalist kind?

Black and gold candle warmer with wood and marble base


There you have it! Those are some of the things you need to know before making the purchase for your first candle warmer.

While its main highlight is being a safe home device and decor there are a few ways to make it more suited to your taste and preference.

Hopefully, with this guide you already know what candle warmer is right for you and your home.

However, if you’ve already made up your mind and you're all set to make a purchase, make sure to check out our candle lamp collection and check out some amazing and quality candle warmers as well as other lighting products for your home.

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