What Is A Candle Warmer And Why Is It Worth Your Next Purchase?

February 02, 2023

What Is A Candle Warmer And Why Is It Worth Your Next Purchase?

One of the reasons why you’re probably here is because you’ve been seeing a lot of ads or posts about candle warmers lately.

So what are candle warmers exactly? What are these aesthetic and decorative ornaments, which based on the name itself are made primarily for the purpose of lighting candles, and if that’s their only purpose and intent, how did they become so popular, why is their market constantly growing, why are so many people purchasing them, and why should you too?

In this post, we’ll break down what candle warmers are, what their benefits are, and why they are worth purchasing.


What is a candle warmer?

candle warmer is a device that helps distribute the scent of a candle throughout a room without the use of an open flame. The device primarily uses a light bulb as a source of heat to warm up the candle. Depending on its model and features, it can be operated by being plugged into an outlet or a switch to turn on its battery.

So that’s it, it’s very simple but you’re probably wondering, if that’s it, then why are they so popular?

At first glance, it does sound a lot like it’s just a fancier way to use or light up your candles. However, after going through heaps of reviews and doing a little research here and there it actually serves a lot more purpose which is why many people often testify that they are worth every scent of their purchase.

Why is a candle warmer important?

What is the bigger picture with candle warmers, why are they considered important or even a must-have household item.

Let’s go back to its definition,candle warmer is a device that helps distribute the scent of a candle throughout a room without the use of an open flame.

From here you can already see that the most essential thing about a candle warmer is the safety that comes with it.

According to the Office of the State Fire Commissioner as per interview area Candles cause an estimated 15,600 fires in residential structures, 150 deaths, 1,270 injuries, and $539 million in estimated direct property damage each year. Over half (55%) of home candle fires start because the candle is too close to some combustible material.”

This statistical report from the Office of the State Fire Commissioner is based on data from the United States alone.

From this alone, you can already guess why the current market for candle warmers is steadily growing and why many consumers are making the switch to candle warmers instead of lighting candles the traditional way.

candle warmer black

What are the benefits of using a candle warmer?

Of course, there must be something more to candle warmers and why many people are buying them. Here is a list of the few benefits you can get from using a candle warmer.

They cut on costs as compared to using a traditional candle

In the long run, traditional candles can be costly especially if you constantly use one to scent your home. This is because when using a traditional candle, the wax melts faster, therefore, increasing consumption of candles.

As compared to a candle warmer, a candle warmer will slowly consume your candle as it only warms up the wax in a regulated heat that controls the consumption of wax.

Traditional candles can damage your home

Believe it or not, regular consumption of candles can hurt your home, especially on a daily basis. A perfect scenario is you doing your daily business as usual then when the time comes for you to light up another batch of candle, you notice a mark on your wall - residue caused from a burning wick is now all over your walls.

Over time, this small damage can turn your walls and wallpaper yellow, lowering the value of your home and adding costs on home repairing and renovation.

This is where candle warmers come in, because they don’t make use of an open flame, candle warmers are an excellent alternative to avoid any wick residue, therefore resulting in clean and undamaged walls.

Candle warmers make candles produce a stronger scent

Have you ever heard of a throw?

Smelling your candle in the store before purchasing it is a common way to test its scent. This is known as the "cold throw," and the strength of the cold throw with a traditional candle is indicative of the strength of the "hot throw," or the scent once the candle is lit.

A throw is basically the strength of the scent from the candle, as well as the distance the scent "throws"  throughout the room.

With a candle warmer you can adjust the throw depending on how intense you set your warmer to. In addition to this, wax melts also have a more powerful scent throw than traditional candles.

Wax melts burn at a lower temperature and absorb heat at a slower rate than candles with an open flame. As a result, the fragrance oil evaporates more slowly, giving you a scent that lasts longer and is stronger.

candle warmers different colors


There you have it!

Whether you’re a avid candle user and is staying updated to the latest trends or if you just happen to scroll through and come across a candle warmer ad, and you’re curious to know what all the noise is about, now you have an idea and know what a candle warmer is, and why so many consumers are purchasing them, and maybe why you should consider getting one as well.

If you’re hooked and want to see more candle warmer or lighting  products or if you’re ready to make a purchase for your very first candle warmer or to add new products to your already staggering collection, check out our candle lamp collection.

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