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Wooden Cube Lamp Circular Perforated Netting Accent Table Spa Lamp



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Product Details

Talk about style on the move, craft meets art in this one of a kind cubic lamp to add mood to your lounge , spa , bar , restaurant or special event. Crafted carefully with stylish wood finishing this lamp adds life to your camp or late night picnic event. With a stable wooden base and perforated holes to majestically let light through one might mistake it for a mystic box of outer space.

The lamp is portable and convenient to transport. The holes cast a patterned light when lit, making it stand out, it would easily outshine the moon in a content  The lamp provides that crucial extra touch of décor to your event, memories of that special occasion will be forever lit in your mind. Whether you are home shopping or preparing for that once in a lifetime event this lamp is a perfect solution for any lighting.

  • Classic wooden box design with circular perforations.
  • Produces stylish patterned light shades
  • Portable with a durable power cable
  • Rated 120V-240V suitable for all round use.
  • Well-crafted industrial design that will last a lifetime

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