Waterproof 16.4ft LED Strip Lights | LED Lights for Bedroom, Kitchen, and Home

Lights Your Way to a New Colorful Life!

Perfect for Your Cabinet, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bar, and More!

These Waterproof 16.4ft LED Strip Lights have revolutionized the way people illuminate their homes. They can be attached easily to almost anything, and they will help create stunning results. While it is a tad more complicated than sticking a light bulb into place, you can create an amazing space with these string lights.

You can use these strip lights to highlight certain features in any space, room, or home. These lights are versatile, lightweight, flexible, and easy to install.
These light strips come in 20 colors, 5 DIY functions, and 8 lighting modes.

You can stick it behind the seating, declutter your home office, spice up your bedroom, illuminate your garden shed, accentuate the stairs, make outdoor steps visible, brighten dark corners, illuminate alcoves, and more!

  • WATERPROOF LED STRIP LIGHTS – IP65 level, which helps protect your lights from moisture and water. The product comes in 20 static colors, 8 dynamic modes, and 6 custom colors.
  • CUT TO YOUR DESIRED LENGTH – Every three LEDs can be cut easily to the length you need for an area or surface. You only need to use a pair of scissors.
  • PERFECT FOR VARIOUS AREAS – You can easily set the mood for blockbuster movies with these lights in your living room or viewing room. You can accentuate your bar with these fascinating lights, and enjoy a cold beer with friends. Spice up your kitchen with some lights under your cabinets.
  • FLEXIBLE & EASY TO INSTALL – The LEDs and the components are mounted on a flexible circuit board so you can install these lights even on uneven or curved surfaces. These come with 3M double-sided adhesive, which facilitates quick installation on dust-free and smooth surfaces.
  • SAFE TO USE – You can touch these lights under 12V low working voltage.

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