USB Oil Lantern Theme Night Light Arabia Style I Portable


Add Retro Style and a Touch of Nostalgia into Your Home

Mimic the Romance of Old Times with These Vintage Lamps

You can finally recreate the romance and capture the nostalgic feel of old times with these retro style Oil Lantern Lamps.  It is perfect for adding warmth into your home.  It is the perfect romantic décor for special occasions like your anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

These lamps are prefect for creating mood lighting indoors.  It is flameless and smokeless.  It is safe to use, and it’s environmentally friendly.

This is a fun lamp.  When you blow on the bulb, it would either light up or shut off.  There’s a little knob on the side that controls the lamp's brightness.

  • CREATIVE BLOWING ON/OFF DESIGN – Blow the lamp to turn the light on and off. Retro control knob on the side controls the brightness.
  • CREATIVE NOSTALGIC DESIGN – This is a nod to the old-fashioned lamps, but with a modern twist. Creates soft light effect. Relieves eye fatigue.
  • BRIGHT & DURABLE – Can last for over eight hours.  Powered by energy-saving lithium battery. Includes a super bright 1W LED light.
  • RECHARGEABLE – Includes built-in rechargeable lithium battery.  Energy saving and environmentally friendly
  • MULTIPURPOSE – Can be used a nightstand, romantic dinner light, fishing and outdoor light, reading light, and more.

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