Standing Floor Modern Banker Lamp I Polished Brass Wood Gold Minimalist Accent

1 Pack
2 Pack

A Modern Banker's Standing Lamp. Not Only a Lamp, But a Work of Art!

Soft and Quiet Light for a Relaxing Evening

If you are looking for a floor lamp that is bright and perfect for doing chores, tasks, and crafts, this is the lamp that you want.  It can output enough light to get you to say “wow!”  It is perfect for when you want something bright to help you finish your task on time.

The lamp features a weighted base to make it more steady, and keep the floor lamp from tipping over.  It can be installed and set up within minutes with no worries about difficult installation.  This high-quality acrylic lampshade offers bright light transmission.

The lamp can be rotated freely, and the lamp arm can be adjusted easily to the angle that you like.  It uses the space around it and gives your home a sense of beauty and meaning.  It features a skillful design to allow a strong sense of aesthetic.

  • MEASUREMENT - 450 x 1400 cm (177.17 x 551.18 inches) in width and height
  • ROTATES FREELY – The lamp arm can be rotated freely and adjusted to the desired angle
  • STABLE BASE – Features a round, heavy, and sturdy base to help prevent the lamp from being knocked over.  Can be used around kids and pets.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE – From boxed to beaming light, the lamp can be assembled in minutes.
  • USE ANYWHERE – Fully customizable light and can be used in your living room, bedroom, study, and anywhere else!


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