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Solar Panel Palm Tree - 5V 4000mA Designer USB Phone Tablet PV Charger With Stand



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Product Details

A designer work of art with a touch of breeze and sunshine , simple bamboo palm tree design and a PCB solar panel shaped like leaves , with a dock and a built in 4000mA battery inside. This solar powered palm tree will keep your phone or tablet charged up and standing upright even when you have no power.

  • 1000mA output - 1x USB and 1x micro-USB output port
  • 3x 5V 200mA mini solar panels
  • Can be charged via USB if the sun is not available
  • Full charge by USB power - 5 hours / Full charge by solar - 7 hours
  • Charge your USB device in remote locations with just the sun light
  • Dimensions - 22cm x 19cm X 19mm 

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