Modern Classic Lamp-a décor Night Stand Desk Lamp - The Beauty Of Natural Willow Wood

willow wood lamp

You’re modern and up to date. You adore the rich, natural qualities of wood: its texture, its grain and the warm ambiance it creates. But you also love modern, Scandinavian-style design with its minimalist look and you appreciate superb craftsmanship and perfect finishes. To you, design is all about harmonious lines and crisp, functional aesthetics. This modern classic lamp combines sturdiness and practicality with all of these elements.

Choose a handmade table lamp that will last a lifetime and never seem outdated. The wood has been carefully selected, prepared and finished to allow its natural grain to become a feature all of its own. This item is indeed, not only a decor item, but a celebration of the beauty of wood. Every joint is perfectly crafted for a seamless look that speaks of quality and attention to detail. It’s highly functional too: the light it produces is bright enough to read or do fine work by, creating the right ambiance for your lifestyle.

  • 100%allnatural willow wood
  • Hand crafted with pride and precision
  • Dimensions: 38cm x 28cm
  • Medium screw base allows you to adapt the look with your choice of light bulb.
  • Suitable for 120V or 240V power supply – works just about anywhere in the world.
  • Works with Halogen , incandescent or LED light bulbs (Not included)

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