Modern Bankers Floor Standing Lamp | Brass + Anthracite Black - 5' Tall Marble Base

1 Pack
2 Pack

A Classic Half Dome Polished Copper Lamp Shade On A Thin Profile Stand In Anthracite Black. Paired With A Quality Marble Solid Base. This Elegant Piece Stands Out In Any Home Decor Setting and Adds A Class Of Touch To Your Space.

Perfect for Reading, Working, or Craft work

This Modern Bankers Floor Standing Lamp is sleek and modern.  It is easy to set up and use.  If you do a lot of work at night, and you need a nice bright light to help you stay up, you would love this lamp.

If you also do a lot of work during the day and you need that extra pop of brightness, you can turn it on, and it would feel like the sun is shining through your windows.  This can help lift up your mood.

This lamp is perfect for working and reading.  You can do intricate craft work without any problem. This iron lampshade with a marble base is a great addition to your home and office.  It creates natural light and brightens any room with little sun exposure.


  • MEASUREMENT:  This lamp measures 43 cm x 155 cm (16.93 x 61.02 inches) in width and height.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL & CRAFTSMANSHIP – Made of strong and stable marble base.  It has a brass and black finish color.
  • APPLICATION – Perfect for modern and simple home décor.
  • Recommended to use in your living room, dining room, kitchen, study room, bedroom, coffee bar, office, hotel, and more.
  • SAFETY & DURABLE – The lamp has a weighted base.  It is sturdy, and it is not wobbly so you can use it around children.
  • MODERN BEAUTIFUL DESIGN – This lamp is beautiful, and it features a modern, urban, and casual design, and it can help create a cozy space.  It can easily fit in the corner of any room.

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