Light Twistie Line Table Desk Lamp LED Linear Lighting Standing Lamp White I Bed Side Light

1 Pack / Warm White
1 Pack / Cool White
2 Pack / Warm White
2 Pack / Cool White
Streamline Surface, Smooth, and Delicate Design

Care for Your Family’s Eyes with Soft Glow Lamp

This compact yet energy-efficient lamp features a spiral or twisted design. It has a small round based with a power button on the center. You only need to press once to turn the lamp on. This works well as a task light. It is perfect for reading and crafting. It can light up the intricate details of any craftwork.

Not only is it a lamp, but it also works great as room décor. It features a simple yet classy design, which is perfect for any indoor environment. You can place it in your living room or bedroom. Set it on top of your desk, shelf, stand, and any other furniture.

This lamp is of premium quality. It is made of metal and acrylic, and it features a strong durable base that doesn’t topple easily. With 24W output, it creates a soft glow without shadows or flickering. It is perfect for modern designer homes, stores, and offices.
  • MEASUREMENT - 12.5 x 45 cm (4.9 x 17.7 inches) in dimension and height
  • ADDS CHARACTER TO ANY ROOM – This lamp is perfect for a range of spaces including modern designer homes, stores, and offices.It would look perfect on desks, shelves, stands, and any other furniture.
  • WARM & BRIGHT – This lamp creates a 24W output.It is bright, but it creates a soft glow. You can choose from two variations of warm light and cool light. Either way, this lamp is the best choice for any casual or contemporary environment.
  • ENERGY-SAVING – With a 24W built-in high-quality LED fixture, this lamp will help you save on your electric bill.
  • COMES IN TWO COLORS – This lamp is made of durable metal and acrylic. It is easy to clean and operate. It comes in two colors of white and gold.

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