Himalayan Pillar Salt Lamp Hand Carved Clean Air Purifier Premium Wood Base

  • Brand - 12Vmonster
  • Pillar Cylinder Shape
  • Size - 4 - 6 Lb / 2 KG
  • Dimensions - 7" - 8" Tall
  • Hand Made At The Base Of The Himalayan Mountains
  • 120V 25W Rated Light Bulb Included - For N.America Voltage
  • Increases Negative Ions and Purifies Surrounding Air

Lets Talk Rock Salt Lamp 

The Himalayan salt lamp is a great home healthcare product for anyone tcomplethat wants to create a cleaner atmosphere using and all natural ionizer. Once powered on, the salt lamp will purify the surrounding air and settle the dust particles from the air to the ground by adding an extra dose of concentrated negative ions to the air.

Hand carved and made directly from the Himalayan mountain salt mines in Pakistan, each lamp is unique and illuminates a calm and soothing amber color. The gentle light that is emitted can serve as a gentle nightlight in a child’s room, a relaxing light by your workspace or a natural homeopathic light situated in anywhere in your home or business.

In any modern home, when a few people are gathered in the same room, the amount of negative ion can fall to a dangerously low level. This is due to harmful and unhealthy positive ions that are emitted from mobile phones, large flatscreen TVs, computers, laptops and other basic home electronics that can contribute. One or several Himalayan salt lamps placed in the proper place can supercharge the air and get rid of all the unhealthy positive ions that are detrimental to health.

Top 10 Reasons Why You NEED A Himalayan Salt Lamp At Your Home Or Workplace 

  1. All natural way to deodorize and purify your surrounding air - clean the air using the power of Hygroscopic science. Remove airborne dust, pollen and cigarette smoke smell.
  2. Great for allergy and asthma symptoms - having one or 2 lamps in the rooms you spend a lot of time in can greatly reduce allergy symptoms.
  3. Help with that nagging cough - Himalayan salt lamps expel negative ions which increases cilial activity to keep your lungs fresh and clear.
  4. Increase your energy level naturally - invigorate yourself by breathing in a higher concentration of negative ion in the air.
  5. Neutralize electromagnetic radiation - minimize the long-term effect of electromagnetic exposure.
  6. Get a better night of sleep - overexposure to positive ions in the air can reduce quality sleep. A Himalayan salt lamp can help reverse this problem. Keep the lamp on during the day to ionize the room while turning it off at night to sleep.
  7. Relax your mood and improve on concentration -increased negative ion will give you a boost of serotonin, serotonin is literally the neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy.
  8. Improve the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder - fight back the tiredness when the days become shorter.
  9. In-directly lower blood pressure -when stress is reduced and a better diet is implemented, blood pressure tends to drop to a healthier level. The Himalayan salt lamp can help reduce the stress.
  10. No filters, no added cost after initial purchase - most modern air purifiers require a filter change or can break down with time. Himalayan salt lamps have no filters or moving parts which basically makes them last forever. (Although a lightbulb change may be required from time to time)

The Himalayan salt is one of the most magical all-natural substance found on earth, the reserve is estimated to be somewhere between 80 and 600 million tons. With the current extraction rate, Himalayan salt mines are projected to last for another 300+ years at the current extraction. You have made the right decision for you and your family by purchasing this lamp.

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