FULL Kit 100W Off Grid Solar Power System DC 12V PV Cabin Power Generator

100W - Full kit

This mini kit has everything you need to get started , just add a battery and you can start enjoying a full PV power generator producing electricity for your remote location. No power ? No problem , go completely off grid .


1.) 25W 18V solar panels x 4 units

2.) 20 Amp 12V / 24V solar charge controller x 1 unit

3.) 1000W DC 12V - 110V/220V power inverter x 1 unit

4.) Red / black wiring x 10 meters

5.) DC wire connnectors x 20 pairs ( male + female )

6.) Wago 222-413 lever nuts 3 terminal wire connectors x 20 units

7.) DC 12 volt 1.5 watt LED lamp with wiring + battery clamps x 5 units

8.) DC 12V 15W cooling fan x 1 unit

** our website offers free shipping for all products , but this one is one of the few exceptions, this item can be shipped for FREE ONLY to the USA / CANADA / UK / AU / NZ / Western europe

Please email us for a shipping quote if you are located in Africa / Middle East and any other remote countries.

*** Due to air cargo regulations, BATTERIES ARE NOT INCLUDED 

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