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165x 12V 24V 33W LED Light Bulb Wind Farm Medium Base E26 E27 ES Lamp - 6 Pack


SKU: TT-165S-5050-E27-CW-1224-6P

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Product Details

Value 6 pack for bulk replacements

This is as bright as it gets , our current brightest LED light bulb for DC 12 Volt to 24 Volt , comsuming only 33 watts , but as bright as a 200 watt traditional incandescent light bulb. Your low voltage battery system will love this bulb's amp draw vs brightness. Reliability is standard with our bulbs , you can trust that it will be lighting and brightening you up for years to come. Perfect match for self sustainable farms , cabins , sheds , and any other off grid location powered by renewable energy,  the 165x 5050 LED cluster is ready for any DC 12V - 24V battery

Our heavy duty bulb is designed with a constant current driver and regulates current automatically from 10 volt to 30 volts. Suitable for charging voltage and DC power grids 

  • Available in 12V - 24V 
  • 2640 lumens @ 33 watts
  • 5050 LED (5mm x 5mm) 
  • 12 volt - 24 volt model can be used for marine
  • Any DC 12V or 24V Battery
  • DC low voltage grids
  • solar/wind systems
  • fishing
  • motor home/RV, buses
  • vehicles systems, etc.
  • Replacements for 200W traditional light bulbs
  • 200mm long + 75mm diameter

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