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2x Remote 4x Receiver DC 6 Volt Quad Receiver Control Wireless Power Switch Set For Hunting Decoys 6V


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Product Details

Control 4 ducks with 2 Remotes. Wire 4 of your decoys and control it at once with a key chain FOB remote control (2 included

A easy to wire remote control ON OFF power switch in latching function , Simple DIY unit for any 6 volt DC power system. This turnkey unit is complete with a plug and play wiring harness for a Mojo Duck Decoy.


Optimized for us with 6V batterys , marine battery systems , power switch for low voltage DC power sources and solar panel lighting systems , direct replacement for Baby Mojo Duck decoy , duckhunting mallard duck decoy , kids power car's ignition and lighting and a wide variety of DC 6 volt and equipment , DC LED lighting and low voltage power systems.

Turn ALL your decoys on or off at once , please choose SAME FREQUENCY in drop down menu to control multiple mojos with the same remote transmitter ( each set still comes with its own remote so you have spares )

If you are buying only 1 unit or would like to buy multiple units that do not interfere with each other , please choose DIFFERENT FREQUENCY in drop down menu 


  • Plug and play wire harness for mojo duck decoys
  • Latching function - push button and release - load turns ON / push button again and release - load turns OFF
  • Working voltage - 5.5 volt to 6.9 volt 
  • 100m range ( level surface ) - Thats over 300 feet !!
  • Rated for up to 10A
  • Standby drain <10mA
  • 315MHZ operating frequency
  • -108DBM receiving sensitivity 
  • Use for marine, solar/wind systems, fishing, motor home/RV, buses, vehicles systems, etc.
  • Eliminate need for messy wiring and switches
  • Can be used as a emergency kill switch
  • 6 volt models can be used for mojo duck decoys
  • Momentary function also available here
  • Also see here for our 6 volt LED light bulb edison screw e26 6V lamp


A lot of hardcore duck hunters are hacking this 12Vmonster remote control to work with a Lucky Duck Decoy - one of our coolest customers Ray R. has provided the wiring sequence to us so we could share with everyone. We hope this will help you save some time


Lucky Duck Wiring Sequence

1. Attach the 12Vmonster 6V +(red) to the lucky duck battery.
2. Attach the 12Vmonster -(black) to the lucky duck battery. 
3. 12Vmonster wire 01 (red) will not be used and should be taped off. 
4. Cut the black wire going to the lucky duck motor. 
5. Attach the 12Vmonster wire 02(black) to the black wire just cut , running to the motor. 
6. Jumper 12Vmonster - wire (black) same wire in step 2 to the other black wire resulting from step 4.
7. Turn luck duck switch to on position. 
8. Use remote to turn lucky duck on/ off.

Note: There are multiple versions of the lucky duck, the above is for reference only and should only be tried if you can understand electronics. If this does not work on your lucky duck, we cannot be responsible. 

Returns are also not accepted if the wiring harness has been cut and the product is no longer in sellable condition.

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