DC 24 Volt Latching 4 Channel Remote Control Wireless ON OFF Switch 24V

DC 24V

A multi-functional remote control set that is universal and works with any DC 24V power source and load. Customize your LED, lighting and much more with this unit.

Product Dimensions
Length 2.67"
Width 1.88"
Height 0.74''
  • Latching function - push button and release - load turns ON / push button again and release - load turns OFF
  • Working Voltage - 22.8 volt to 25.6 volt
  • Learn Key
  • 100m range ( level surface )
  • Latching relay
  • Use for marine, solar/wind systems, fishing, motor home / RV, buses, vehicles systems, etc.
  • Eliminate need for messy wiring and switches
  • Idle draw - ≤6mA
  • Working Temperature - -10 ~ +70
  • 102 dBm
  • 315MHz


The controller is marked with 1234 characters, representing the position of the four jumpers, and the position of the jumper is changed by the jump cap.
1, the signal from the lock: 1 +2 connection, 3 +4 connection
Press the A key, press the A key, A relay off; press the remote control B key, B key corresponding to the relay to pull and hold, then press the B key, B relay disconnect, and then press the A key, C key and D key to work as this cycle.

2, the signal is not locked: 1,2,3,4 are not connected
Press the B button, and the B key corresponding to the relay pull, release after the break, C key and D key to pass this, press the B key, and the A key corresponding to the relay pull, release the relay off; Cycle work.

3, the signal interlock: 1 +2 connection, 3,4 not connected
Press the A key, the A relay is disconnected, and the relay corresponding to the B key is sucked and held, and the C key and the D key are operated as follows.

4, the signal from the lock and non-coexistence: 1,2 not connected, 3 +4 connection
And the remote control corresponding to the four relays, two self-locking, two non-lock.

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