Adjustable Light Beam PAR16 PAR20 LED Spot Light Bulb 15°-60° Multi Angle Lamp i 12W

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Superior Quality Spot Light With Adjustable Light Beam

Optimize Your Light Beam Angle from a Narrow 15° To A Wider 60°

Your lighting must be a consideration regardless of your home or office setting. Fortunately, with the 12Vmonster Adjustable Light Beam 12W, you can have gorgeous accent lighting for your space whether it's large or small, new or old, residential or commercial. This beam will be perfect for reading, studying, or just illuminating your surroundings.

You may require different bulbs for different applications. But generally, when you place your bulb at high ceilings, the beam angle created is smaller. But when you place the light fixture at a lower ceiling, the beam angle is larger.

The beam spreads vary with the kind of light fixture you choose to install. Our Adjustable Light Beam 12W will allow you to maximize your light beam selections, from a modest 15° to a larger 60°. With this bulb, you can get your house lighting to look just right in the most optimal location.

Product Dimensions
Diameter 2.36"
Height 4.72"
  • MANUALLY ADJUSTABLE BEAM ANGLE FROM NARROW TO WIDE (5°-60°) - Maximize your light beam options from a small 15° to a wider 60° to get the most out of your home lights. This light fixture is ideal for reading, studying, or simply brightening up your space. It's simple to use and makes adjustments a breeze.
  • ENERGY-EFFECTIVE AND BRIGHT - With only 12W of power usage, it can produce a 20000H+ output. COB LED Chip Light Source with RA>90 High CRI. E26/E27 medium screw base. PAR16 and PAR20 direct replacements. The body is made entirely of aluminum.
  • ACCESSIBILITY - Light beam angle adjustments are simple with this new Adjustable Light Beam. The light angle can be altered from a restricted 15° to a wider 60° by simply twisting the bulb.
  • CAN BE APPLIED IN A WIDE VARIETY OF SETTINGS - This recessed light is ideal for illuminating retail store displays, restaurant tables, photography, commercial accent lighting, outdoor landscape lighting, and other applications.

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