65.6ft Remote Control Led Strip Lights | 5050 RGB Flexible Color Changing

Put Your Mark on Your Place Without Permanent Damage to Fixture or Fittings!

Powerful Enough to Transform Your Room and Make It Feel Homelier!

You’re interested in buying LED strip lights for your home. Who wouldn’t be? But do you know how amazing they are? Our 65.6ft Remote Control Led Strip Lights are energy efficient. They require, on average, just 10% of the power of an equivalent bulb. You can save more money on your electricity bill.

LEDs have a long expected life span. These strip lights will still be burning bright after a decade, long after their traditional counterparts have long expired. These lights are unlikely to damage your walls and surfaces, but they can serve many uses.

You can upgrade your tech – add strips to the back of your TV screens. Not only will this look cool, but it will also help relieve eyestrain. You can also give your ceilings some subtle lighting twist. You can add ambiance in the kitchen with some strip lights under the kitchen cabinets.
  • SERVES VARIOUS APPLICATIONS - You can use these LED strips for various purposes. You can light up your flowerbeds to make them look luminous. You can frame lawn edges with these strips. You can deck out your decking, and create an illuminated patio. Your backyard will look more inviting at dusk.
  • DECORATE YOUR ENTIRE ROOM – These LED strip lights are long enough to decorate your room. You wouldn’t have to connect light strips with connectors to get the length you need.
  • MULTIPLE CHANGING COLORS – You can easily adjust the light’s colors (RGB, white, and 16 other colors) as well as its brightness. There are 6 dynamic modes and 2-speed modes. The strip shows varieties of colors.
  • CUT AND CONNECT – You can easily cut every 3 LEDs along with the cutting marks. You can also link with other strips using connectors.
  • EASY TO INSTALL & USE – The strips feature strong adhesive so they can stick on any dry and flat surface. The strips are also quite flexible in design. They are suitable for decorating the bedroom, living room, upstairs, ceiling, kitchen, and more. They also work as decorative lights for parties, shows, and exhibitions. They are also suitable for hotels, clubs, bars, malls, and interiors.

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