32.8ft LED Strip Lights with Remote | 5050 RGB LEDs Color Changing Lights Strip

Light Up Your Life with LED Strip Lights!

Revolutionized the Way You Illuminate Your Home

LED strip lights have changed the way you can illuminate or design your home.  These 32.8ft LED Strip Lights with Remote are cost-effective, and they can be easily attached to almost anything to help you create stunning results.

These lights can be cut to size or connected easily to fit your furniture. Your accent lighting can look expensive and custom-made. You do not have to keep bending them to switch the lights. They come with a handy remote control, so you can switch colors easily.

Installation Guide

  • Test if the lights work well before installation
  • Make sure the surface is smooth for the tape to stick well. Clean the surface before sticking the lights.
  • Look for an outlet for the power
  • Remove the double-sided tape
  • Press the lights on the surface to fit fully
  • Turn the lights on. Change the color using the remote

Place them anywhere you want – under the cabinets and your dressers, light up dark drawers, illuminate alcoves, make bunk beds fun, intensify artwork, give shine to your desk area, cast light from the bath. Your options are pretty limitless!

  • COLOR CHANGING LEG LIGHT STRIPS – The package contains 2 rolls of 16.4 feet RGB LED light strips, a 44-key remote, IR box controller, and a 12V power supply.
  • DESIGNED W/ STRONG SELF-ADHESIVE – These LED strip lights have strong self-adhesive so they stick on surfaces incredibly well. Make sure to test the lights before installation. Every roll has one connector that links it with a controller box.
  • QUALITY LIGHTS IN MULTIPLE COLORS – The product comes with an infrared remote that helps adjust and change colors (RGB, white, and 16 other colors) and brightness. There are 6 dynamic modes and 2-speed modes. You can even make the strips show various colors at the same time.
  • CUT & LINK EFFORTLESSLY – The lights can be cut every 3 LEDs along with the visible cutting marks. You can also use connectors to extend the lights as needed.
  • COMES WITH A REMOTE CONTROL – You can use the infrared remote control to change the light strip to suit the mood that you want.
  • OFFERS VARIOUS APPLICATIONS – The LED lights are suitable for various areas in the room like your kitchen, bedroom, or living room. You can stick it on the kitchen cabinet or walls. You can place it under the desk or behind the TV. You can place it on the ceiling or around your bedroom cabinets. The options are limitless.

Warming and Connection Tips

  • Don’t stick the lights onto conductive metal surfaces. This may cause a short circuit on the lights.
  • Don’t leave the lights on a spool when testing them for longer than 2 minutes. Allow them to dissipate heat.
  • Ensure that there is enough ventilation. The lights need excessive airflow to allow them to cool off.

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