Tractor Trailer Work Spot Flood LED Lamps I Waterproof Aluminum Housing

Cool white
Warm white


Ideal Add On LED Work Lamps For All Major Farming Vehicles and Tractors.

Works With Any Other 12 Volt Powered Systems. 

You will find beam lights everywhere, but make sure to purchase conversion kits that will keep you safer during work.  This 27 Watt Waterproof 12 Volt Beam Lamp 12 Volt can definitely keep you safe in dark, foggy, and misty roads.  The brightness these headlights offer is unparalleled.

Most equipment come with factory-fitted headlights that aren’t so bright, but these beam lights can definitely improve road visibility, especially at night.  Their light output is amazing.  They can make the roads clearer and brighter, ensuring your safety against accidents.

These headlights allow you to drive your car smoothly and perfectly even in dark dangerous roads.  But that’s not all they offer – they also give additional aesthetic value to your car.

Product Dimensions
Length 6.30"
Width 4.33"
Height 1.50''

  • ULTRA BRIGHT HEADLIGHTS – Features 9 high-intensity 12 Volt LED bulbs, 3 watts each.  Offer a clearer view of the road ahead.
  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN – These beam lamps are waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosive.
  • LONG LASTING – Can last for up to 50,000 hours.
  • DISSIPATES HEAT QUICKLY – Features diecast aluminum housing and air circulation surface.  Doesn’t absorb heat.  Gets rid of heat fast.
  • GREAT FOR ANY VEHICLE – Fits most cars , trucks, 4x4, UTV, SUV, generators,  ATVs, pickup, boats, motorbike, bus, trailer, train, and other vehicles. 

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