GY6.35 Frosted 120V JCD Halogen Light Bulb Wax Lamp 35W 50W 75W I 10 Pack


A easy replacement in a frosted housing for your GY6.35 2pin spot home lighting offered to you at wholesale price. Retail price at "Big Box" stores are $5.00 per unit. Buy your JCD replacement bulbs here for a fraction of the price.

Crisp and bright light output in a frosted glass lense. Bi pin GY6.35 fitting in hard to find AC 120 volt home voltage. (10 PACK)

Fully dimmable and works with all standard light dimmers. Easy 2 pin replacement installation. Just remove the housing and plug and plug. Available in 35 watt, 50 watt and 75 watt. For a clear housing option, please check here.

Product Dimensions
Diameter 0.50"
Height 1.70"
  • 35W - 700lm
  • 50W - 1000lm
  • 75W - 1500lm
  • Available in 35 watt , 50 watt , 75 watt
  • Working voltage - 100 volt to 130 volt - US / CA / MX Voltage
  • Ideal for vintage lamps , wax burners, fragrance lamps, oil diffusers, scented oil warmers, candle warmers,  desk lamps , table lamps , floor lamps, wax melters, tarts, scent + scentsy chip bulb replacements, microwave oven, incense burner, under cabinet + counter, bombillas para lamparas de olorand other 2 pin GY6.35 120V lighting
  • 2500H+ lifetime 
  • High quality tungsten filament

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