Make Any Home Lamp Portable l Use Your Desk Or Standing Lamp Anywhere






light bulb during black out power outage




Sick And Tired Of Constant Power Outages And Black Outs ?



BE PREPARED. Don't get stuck in the dark and make any lamp in your house a survival lamp. We know how inconvenient black outs are and this is just what you need to easily get your house lit up again. Other options require a lot of preparation and some of you are just not MacGyver








Going Camping And Need A Better Source Of

Lighting ?



Just grab any lamp from home, and use it on any camping site. Also great for luxury glamping campsites









Use Any Lamp - Anywhere !



Do you want to set a lamp somewhere in your home decor ? But no outlet or messy un-organized wiring ? Our DC 12 Volt hack can power any lamp, anywhere, anytime.










Smart Solar Charge.



In additional to a wall charger, OurDC 12 Volt hack also has a solar power add on, which allows you to charge your battery bank in the most remote of places. Go off the grid and still enjoy the versatility.








make any lamp portable 12vmonster video

Watch Our Video and See How It Works.  






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