Striking Golden Desk Lamp Modern Finishing And Fully Adjustable Arms

White accent
Black accent

This desk lamp definitely adds glamour to your personal space with its royal gold color on the arms and black or white accents on the base and shade. Blessed with a modern touch this desk lamp is designed to brighten up your home or office décor whether lit or not. Its striking look will never go unnoticed for days to come not only by your jealous friends or colleagues but also by you the owner.

The desk lamp is easy to set up and ready to act the knight in shining armor that it is to protect you from the evils of the dark. The lamp is fully adjustable with 3 joints joining the arms from the base to shade. Whether you’re reading, writing or on a chat with your significant other the lamp outshines its duty. The shade is pivoted to help you focus light to that exact spot needed so you don’t have to hassle adjusting the arms. The beauty of this jewel of a lamp makes it ideal for almost any flat surface you have in mind, office or home desk it has you covered.

  • Gold finishes with white or black accents.
  • Pivoted lamp shade to help you seemly focus light.
  • Adjustable height from 24" to 30” to accommodate daily task.
  • Rated 120V-240V suitable for all round use.
  • Thin and light weight arms for easy movement

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