Create Ambiance With Scent and Lighting I Candle Warmer Wax Melter Desk Table Lamp in Black





Fire Insurance bills are not cheap. Don't give your insurance company a chance to increase the fees even more by setting off a small fire at home. 

Get 100% peace of mind when enjoying your scents at home with your favorite relaxation candles. Calm your mind, soothe your mood and transform your atmosphere with a fresh aroma and modern lighting. All without worrying about your kids or pets playing with the dangerous flames.

A bit more on candle related accidents, During the five-year period of 2015-2019:

  • Candles caused 2% of reported home fires, 3% of home fire deaths, 6% of home fire injuries, and 4% of the direct property damage in home fires.
  • Roughly one-third (37%) of home candle fires started in bedrooms. These fires caused 35% of the associated deaths and 47% of the associated injuries.
  • Falling asleep was a factor in 10% percent of the home candle fires and 12% of the associated deaths.
  • On average, 20 home candle fires were reported per day.
  • Three of every five (60%) of home candle fires occurred when some form of combustible material was left or came too close to the candle.
  • Candle fires peak in December and January with 11 percent of candles fires in each of these months.

With that said. Candle related accidents are surely something every responsible parents should be looking to avoid when using candles at home. A candle warmer lamp would be perfect! 

This elegant matte black lamp shade candle lamp on black marble base is perfect for your home.

  • MEASUREMENTS - The Black Candle Holder with Black Marble Base measures 15 x 35 cm (5.9 x 13.7 inches) in length and width. The wooden base measures 15 cm or 5.9 inches in length.
  • IMPROVE YOUR HOME'S SMELL AND APPEARANCE – Enjoy the soft, flickering light of a candle while also enjoying the amazing fragrance it emits. The 12Vmonster Candle Warmer Lamp safely warms and melts the wax of your candle instead of burning it, releasing a more intense fragrance into the room. This lamp is also a beautiful addition to any décor, with its stylish design and soft light.
  • STYLISH WAY TO ENJOY THE CANDLELIGHT – This all-in-one electric heater, small lamp, and home décor is perfect for flaunting a beautiful and fragrant home. our candle heater warms and melts the wax instead of burning it, releasing a stronger and more fragrant aroma of your scented candle. Plus, it makes a lovely decorative lamp!
  • HELPS CREATE THE PERFECT AMBIANCE – Looking for a cozy and relaxing candle lamp? Look no further than the 1 Candle Wax Warmer for 3 Wick Candle & Candle Jars! This portable electric heater is perfect for candles on your bedside table, office, or living room. Plus, with its built-in dimmer, you can easily adjust its brightness to create the perfect ambiance.
  • COMES IN 1-PACK OR 2-PACK FOR GREAT VALUE – Our candle warmers are available in 1-pack or 2-pack options and can be used with all kinds of small candle jars or large 3 wick candles. So go ahead and indulge in some delicious fragrance with 12VMonster!

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