DC 12 Volt - 24 Volt Latching 8A Remote Control Wireless ON OFF Dimming Capabilities

12V - 24V

A ready to wire , easy solution to messy wires . This universal remote can handle most low voltage appliances , it was made for controlling LED lighting , but with some DIY ideas , who knows how far this can go. ideal for 12V to 24V battery systems and working loads. Remote control includes up and down dimming buttons.

  • Latching function - push button and release - load turns ON / push button again and release - load turns OFF
  • Working voltage - 11 volt to 25 volt
  • 50m range ( level surface )
  • Rated for up to 8A
  • Latching relay
  • Momentary relay for dimming function
  • Use for marine, solar/wind systems, fishing, motor home/RV, buses, vehicles systems, etc.
  • Eliminate need for messy wiring and switches , control your off grid lighting and go wireless .

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