Tiny Miniature Architect Desk Lamp | Cute Gift


Light Up Your Book with the Coolest Miniature Lamps

Perfect for Your Little Girl’s Dollhouse, Figurine Sets and Other Small Models.

These are fantastic little mini desk lamps. They are great decorations for your kids’ dollhouse. If you remove the base, you can “paperclip” the light to your book. If you put the base on, you can use the light for your computer or small table.

It’s really cool, and they light up well. They’re quite functional as well. They can be used as gorgeous accessories and home décor. Give them to your kids as pretend play toys.

You can give them as gifts as well to girls and kids. You can also use them to light up photography subjects or use them for mini displays

  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN –It is adjustable, and the weighted base can be removed. Attached the base to keep the lamp stable.
  • PERFECT FOR DOLL HOUSES – Well-designed and crafted for doll houses. Place them inside your child’s dolls house, and it will come alive.
  • FLEXIBLE JOINTS – Comes with three joint of lamp arm which allows adjustment of the light in any position.
  • CAN BE MOUNTED ANYWHERE – Lamp can stand on its own, or you can clamp it on tables, vertically or horizontally.
  • MADE OF QUALIFIED MATERIAL - Made of plastic and LED bulb. Comes with a desk lamp, a base, a C-clamp and the manual.

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