G8 Halogen JCD Light Bulb 120V 75W 100W Puck Lamp Replacement I 10 Pack


10x PRE-PACKED PREMIUM HALOGEN BULBS IN 1 BOX - Dependable rich halogen bulbs.

Available In 75 Watts , 100 Watts .

These long lasting light bulbs are suitable for any G8 2 pin lighting applications , sold exclusive by the Light Monster, G8 halogen light bulbs are guaranteed long life and super bright. 

T4 JCD under cabinet puck lamp replacements at wholesale pricing for you in a convenient 10 pack. Better than expensive LED replacements.

Product Dimensions
Diameter 0.50"
Height 1.60"
  • 75W - 1500lm
  • 100W - 2000lm
  • Working voltage - 110 volt 120 volt 130 volt / US-CA-MX 120V
  • Use for US / CA / JP household voltage
  • Replacements for standard JCD T4 Halogen + xenon spot lamps including microwave oven bulbs, stove,  under hood bulbs,  range hood, kitchen appliances, pg-8hs, jcd-20, jcd-25, jcd-40, jcd-35, jcd-50, a1700y, wb36x10213, q20, 16430-20, T4, 20t4/cl/g8/120v, e192535, bombillo halogeno, 250 t-3 type,  gj-001 bulb 2/250, 
  • Sold in local vendors for $5+ per unit
  • Clear warm white

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