G4 JC Fire Effect Capsule Light Bulb l 12V Flaming Lamp

1 Pack
6 Pack


Very cool flaming effect in a capsule sized small light bulb. Ideal replacements for any G4 2 pin light fitting.

Use on any low voltage system. Long lifetime and low amp draw. 

Suitable For Use With Independent Power Systems Usage Includes DC Power Grids, Landscaping, Ships and Boats, Motorhomes and campers, RV and Off Grid Cabins, Campervans and Any Other Battery Powered Systems.


Product Dimensions
Diameter 0.63"
Height 2.20"
  • 3 Watt Output - 36x 2835 LED Chipset
  • DC 12V-18V Voltage Range
  • 220 Lumens
  • 1200K-1300K Fire Color
  • Working Temp: -30℃-+70℃
  • 40000H Lifetime
  • Can Replace G4 Glass Halogen.
  • Works With Most Low Voltage Power Supplies On The Market.
  • Suitable For Use With Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) and Nickel-Iron (NiFe) Battery Systems
  • For low voltage 12V , Do not use with AC 120V or AC 240V

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