165x 12V 24V 33 Watt LED Light Bulb Medium Base E26 E27 Solar Battery Marine Lamp

Cool white / 1 Pack
Cool white / 6 Pack
Warm white / 1 Pack
Warm white / 6 Pack

This is as bright as it gets, our current brightest LED light bulb for DC 12 Volt to 24 Volt, consuming only 33 watts, but as bright as a 200 watt traditional incandescent light bulb.

Your low voltage battery system will love this bulb's amp draw vs brightness. Reliability is standard with our bulbs , you can trust that it will be lighting and brightening you up for years to come.

Our heavy duty bulb is designed with a constant current driver and regulates current automatically from 10 volt to 30 volts. Suitable for charging voltage and DC power grids.

Over 2300 Lumen DC 12 volt 24 volt LED light bulb Off Grid Lamp
  • 2640 lumens @ 33 watts
  • Available in 12V - 24V 
  • 5050 LED (5mm x 5mm) 
  • 12 volt - 24 volt model can be used for marine
  • Any DC 12V or 24V Battery
  • DC low voltage grids
  • Solar/wind systems
  • Fishing
  • Motor home/RV, buses
  • Vehicles systems, etc.
  • Replacements for 200W traditional light bulbs
  • 200mm long + 75mm diameter

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