DC 12V To 85V 30W Wide Voltage LED Light Bulb DC Battery Clip And Wire Camper

Cool white / 1 Pack
Cool white / 6 Pack

2400 Lumen @ 30W

DIMENSIONS - Diameter = 118mm , Total Length = 157mm

 We at 12Vmonster have done it again , are you looking for a low voltage bulb that can work from 12 volt all the way to 85 volt ? We are proud to introduce our latest addition to our low voltage DC lighting family , the ultra wide voltage range LED light bulb for your off grid and marine systems. The band is so wide that it can work with 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V and 84V

  • 2400 lumens
  • 30 watt consumption
  • Suitable for outdoor market stalls , motorcycles , any DC battery systems from 12 volt to 85 volts which include solar , marine and automobiles
  • DIY shed , cabin lighting systems
  • Free shipping world - wide
  • Ideal for use with Tesla Power Wall systems
  • Clean color output with no shadowing
  • Heavy duty power supply with instant start up
  • IR , UV FREE with high CRI
  • Quality engineering for commercial and residential applications
  • Light weight , high light output with high efficiency

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