18W 3528 Chip DC 12 Volt - 24 Volt LED Light Bulb E26 1700+ Lumen

1 Pack / Cool white
1 Pack / Warm white
6 Pack / Cool white
6 Pack / Warm white

Using your hard earned renewable energy in the most smart and efficient way to brighten up your place.

Do you have a 12V to 24V power source? fluctuating voltage? no problem! Our heavy duty bulb is designed with a constant current driver and regulates current automatically from 10 volt to 30 volts. Suitable for charging voltage and DC power grids.

Fully tested and emitting 1700 lumens , this bulb is truly the 12v lighting monster.

Product Dimensions
Diameter 2.75"
Height 5.70"
  • 1700 lumens
  • Wide working voltage - 12 volt to 24 volt in AC or DC current
  • 3528 LED (3.5mm x 2.8mm) 
  • Use for DC power grid , marine, solar/wind systems, fishing, motor home/RV, buses, vehicles systems, etc.
  • Replacements for 120W traditional light bulbs 
  • Dimmable using Pulse-width modulation (PWM) Dimmer

See the actual Lumen rating in our own integrating sphere lab report

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