Which Floor Lamp Is Styling For My Home In Upcoming 2021?

October 08, 2020

Which Floor Lamp Is Styling For My Home In 2021?

Always standing quietly in the corners of our homes, floor lamps are the unsung heroes of home décor and lighting design. These lamps provide much-needed lighting and illumination to any room without stressful and time-consuming installations.

They offer widespread or direct task lighting. These lamps can be quite versatile, and you can always find something that will suit whatever mood you are in. Finding the best lamps for your home can be daunting. After all, the best ones do not come cheap, and not all floor lamps are alike.

Floor lamps produce different kinds of light or serve different purposes. The shades aim illumination in different ways so the functionality can vary as well. The functionality of floor lamps varies, so it is important to know which lamps would best their purpose.

Different Purposes of Floor Lamps
Provides Ambient Light

There are floor lamps that are designed to provide ambient light, and they are best placed at the corner of a room. This lamp produces filtered or diffused light. Some lamps reflect light off the ceiling while others diffuse the light outward. Avoid a focused floor lamp if you want to create a better room ambiance. The ambient lamp radiates strong light upward and outward.

Provides Illumination for Tasks

Focused lamps are those that are perfect for performing tasks like reading, sewing, and crafting. These are lamps that should be placed behind or beside your sofa or chairs. These lamps create locally-focused light. The shade of these lamps focuses the light narrowly, and then the lamp aims the light downward. Traditional floor lamps with upward or downward shade provide light below while reflecting light above for ambiance.

Adds to the Room Aesthetics and Décor

If you are looking for floor lamps that are meant to improve a room’s aesthetics, you should check out the decorative lamp albeit less functional. These are lamps with artistic shades like colorful art glass piece or colorful fabric. You should also check out the lamp base because the base and pole are a large part of the lamp, so a decorative design might add more style to the room than just a plain metal pole.

Types of Floor Lamps

Floor lamps serve different purposes, and they also come in various types. The general type is simple. It usually features a sturdy, heavy and steady base, a tall stem or pole extending from the base, and shade that diffuse or direct the light. The bare bones are always the same, but floor lamps vary in style, and they offer unique functional benefits.

Ambient Floor Lamps

These are the most common type of floor lamps. These things are meant to provide general light to any space. They are usually topped with traditional lampshades, which are typically designed to diffuse light and create semi-direct illumination. These lamps are perfect for the living areas, and they look perfect placed in a corner or next to your lounge or sofa chair. These things provide enough light for reading, but they are not as focused as a reading lamp.

Reading Floor Lamps

As the name suggests, these lamps are designed primarily to provide enough light for comfortable reading. These lamps create a more focused light than any other kinds of floor lamps. If you are looking for a lamp to brighten up your reading nook, your desk, or the area where you do daily tasks, these floor lamps are a must-have. These lamps provide brighter illumination to the space directly below it. If you want more flexibility, you should look for a lamp that allows tilting or adjustment, so you can move the light where you need it.

Uplight Floor Lamps

These lamps look similar to traditional lamps, but these uplight or torchiere floor lamps come with upward-pointing shades. The unique design of the lampshade allows for accents rather than ambient lighting. These lamps help create dimensions or character to walls or corners with their upward lighting.

Arc Floor Lamps

The one thing that characterizes these lamps is its versatility, which sets it apart from traditional or other floor lamps. These lamps combine a reading and ambient floor lamp. These things have a stem that can extend up and out. The stem is adjustable, so you can move the shade directly over the area where you need the light more. This makes these lamps perfect for task lighting. You can place them next to your reading chair or craft table.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Floor Lamp

Each floor lamp offers its own unique aesthetic and function so it is important to get the right floor lamp. It should look good, but it should also match the aesthetics and décor of the space where you intend to place it in. It is important to consider the scale and how the lamp would look in your space. You should also consider if it would serve the purpose for which it is intended.

So, what should you consider when choosing your floor lamps?

First off, you need to consider the cost, which can vary. Lamps can range from 20 bucks to thousands of dollars. Generally, the more intricate the design, the more expensive the lamp will be.

Another consideration is the size of the lamp. Shaded or torchiere lamps can take up a narrow space, making them easy to fit into the surrounding space. Arc floor lamps take up more space because of their horizontal orientation. You need to know how much space you have so you would know if the floor lamp will fit into the space that you have. If you are thinking of buying a lamp with a tripod base, you need to have more space on the floor so the lamp won’t look too cramped.

The lamp and room heights are also a consideration when buying your floor lamp. The higher the lamp, the wider the spread of the light, which makes it perfect for ambient lighting. However, this may not be the best option for task lighting. You want your light close to you when you read or do tasks so you may want to avoid tall lamps.

You also need to consider the scale of your room and everything in it. If your furniture is considerably low in height, you probably should avoid lamps that would tower over your furniture. This would look a bit cartoonish. You can probably get lamps with adjustable height if you are prone to moving or switching things up often. You want a floor lamp that would conceal the light source outside the eye level to avoid harsh and uncomfortable glare. The shade should cover the light bulb.

Finally, you should consider the kind of lighting you need for the area. You need to consider if you need the lamp for any of these purposes: ambient, task, or accent. Perhaps, you want to create warmer ambient lighting. Maybe you need a lamp for your reading nook, or maybe you need something to brighten up a corner of a room or give your walls more accent or texture. Consider all these things when choosing your lamp.

Five Best Floor Lamps for Your Home
Glass Bowl Contemporary Standing Floor Lamp

Glass Bowl Contemporary Standing Floor Lamp

Do you need a floor lamp that offers both versatility and functionality? This modern designer lamp will help illuminate the living room while providing enough direct light for your tasks. It will look great in any unused corner or space in your living area. This would make for the perfect light for your reading nook as well.

This floor lamp functions as an eye-catching decor for a mid-century modern home, and it will help create a sense of luxury. The industrial style is simple and neat, yet it’s full of personality. The lamp will help create a calming atmosphere for a home. It offers the best space solution for lighting and decoration.
Gold Brass Modern Office Floor Lamp

 Gold Brass Modern Office Floor Lamp

This classy arc floor lamp offers contemporary styling for a modern home. It features a gold brass base, black arch frame, and a gold brass drum shade, which results in an ultra-modern look. It’s an upgrade for your living and seating room. Being an arc lamp, it can be used as a task and ambient light. It will help create accents or illumination to any dark corner. You can adjust the shade, so you can focus the light where you need it. This lamp is perfect for featured homes. You can also use it in a show home to give texture to corners and nooks of a home.

Minimalist LED Floor Lamp Grey

Minimalist LED Floor Lamp Grey

This lamp is both minimalist and urban in design, and it is perfect for any mcm or designer home. It would match your décor perfectly. It can fit any corner with perfect ease. The base slides effortlessly under your sofa, and it can be placed in any niche or corner easily. It’s perfect for any room that needs bright light for tasks and chores. It has a weighted base so it can be used around children and pets without any worries.

Standing Floor Modern Banker Lamp

Standing Floor Modern Banker Lamp

This standing lamp is perfect for doing chores, tasks, and crafts. If you are often doing work at night, reading, crafting, this lamp will help you finish your tasks on time. This would look perfect on award-winning homes.

It can be installed in minutes without any worries. It can be rotated freely, and the lamp arm can be adjusted easily to the angle that you like. It uses the space around it and gives your home a sense of beauty and meaning.

Modern Bankers Floor Standing Lamp

 Modern Bankers Floor Standing Lamp

This floor lamp would look perfect in an urban home. It features a sleek and contemporary design. It is easy to set up as well. If you do a lot of work at night, and you need a nice bright light to help you stay up, you would love this lamp. This creates natural lighting, so it is great for any custom home. This iron lampshade with a marble base is a great addition to your home and office. It creates natural light and brightens any room with little sun exposure.

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