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February 10, 2019

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Interior design, similar to many aspects of living has faced multiple changes through time, from creating spaces that prioritize grandeur and high-styled architecture to a more relaxed but highly efficient furnishing and design. The present trends in home and building improvements have evolved dramatically into a blend of new and old that centers on functionality, sustainability and aesthetics.

One vital part of designing and architecture is the arrangement and installation of lights. Interior lighting significantly affects the entire atmosphere and efficiency of any rooms and spaces indoors or even outdoors. Its design and organization can either enhance or lessen the usability of the dining, kitchen or living room. Having your home illuminated in such a way that it caters to everyone’s daily needs and promotes a functional area without compromising your personality and style is very significant.

As 2019 begins, different trends in home improvements and remodeling will once again dominate the real estate market, with a particular focus on interior lighting. But for those of you who just purchased lamps, chandeliers, pendants or any light equipment, don’t fret because this article enumerates a variety of trends that will allow you to remodel and reinvent your lighting system using most of your available bulbs and fixtures. 

Here are the top lighting trends this 2019: 

Lighting must accentuate Structure, Pattern, and Symmetry

Present day design centers in clean and straightforward arrangement with lines, curves, and shapes. Creating a visual drama of symmetrical angles and geometrical figures can genuinely highlight the artistry of any living area in your house. Matching light fixtures that are structured to complement home furnishing or to add big and bold geometrical shaped lamps, pendants and chandeliers can increase the visual allure of any ordinary room.

In this particular trend, the aim is to customize the interiors through the addition of geometrical fixtures that blend with all the existing furniture. It is best to contemplate which pattern you would like to continue using that brings out a well-balanced display of illumination day in and day out. It is also essential to consider soft neutral colors, matching sizes, and prominent forms. Keep in mind that structuring your interiors influences your moods and needs. Therefore, having patterns and symmetry can provide order and balance, without exaggeration of décor and style.   


Lighting fixture tips:

Use large scale pendants with soft white light bulbs in your living room or dining area. Sculptural lamps could also be a great addition to your work area and bedroom. Remember to use bulbs that emit soft to warm glow so that illumination would overwhelm the shape or form of the fixtures.  

To create a unique and alluring geometrical effect, putting up celestial lighting fixtures illuminated by LED bulbs for ambient illumination is an excellent choice.

Choose Metallic, Matte and Ceramic Lighting Fixtures

Nowadays, interior design is all about ambiance. With this in mind, using a variety of fixtures coated and finished with a particular material can be very appealing. This year most lighting system such as pendants, wall sconces, desk, swing or floor lamps will feature metallic, matte or ceramic layering.

These three finishes can either be used separately in every nook and cranny or combined to accentuate a sophisticated atmosphere of illumination. The significant thing to remember is simplicity in incorporating such materials.



Lighting fixture tip:

Metallic light fixtures are best utilized in modern-retro houses. Creating a display of modern concept with a rustic vibe of chrome, gold and brass equipment.  

Matte finishes highlight a casual yet comfortable atmosphere best for candid gatherings in dining or living rooms. It exudes simple appearance yet very elegant and modern.

Ceramic lamps or overhead fixtures create a classy setting for bedrooms, library or even entertainment dens. Add some handmaid pottery as ambient or task lights to heighten charm and warmth in your abode.  

Mix and Match Hand-crafted Eco-friendly and Natural materials

With the rise of environmental awareness, home decorations and architecture have transitioned into using materials that are ecological and sustainable. The popularity of up-cycling resources from junk does not just delights Mother Nature but promotes resourcefulness and creativity.

The trend of using old wood like bamboo, rattan, solid birch or oak that designers crafted by handwork, woven and restructured to make an enticing piece of furniture has been in use for many years, especially in home remodeling and enhancement. And will definitely continue to be famous in the future.

Some other eco-friendly materials commonly used are clay, cork, metal, glass jars, containers, and wicker that are highly reusable to make fantastic light fixtures.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are an excellent choice for encouraging natural light generators that are effective for healthcare and environment since it neutralizes the air through emitting positive ions.  

Lighting fixture tip:

Since Do-It-Yourself techniques are very much trending, you may start your very own projects at home to create contemporary and artistic lamps or light fixtures. Mixing natural materials that are environmentally friendly and patronizing furniture makers that use organic supplies could truly enhance your interiors and lifestyle.

Feature a Contemporary - Rustic Ambiance

Perhaps the most distinct and remarkable trend in interior design and even fashion is the freedom to blend the old and new, which equates into an exquisite atmosphere of art and style.

The challenge is to create a balance between vintage-retro look and modern industrial appeal to produce nostalgic features. Lighting designers incorporate old-styled bulbs like Edison Lights with metal fixtures.

Mid-century and Art Deco have been continuously leading the interior design concepts which emphasize styles that are made entirely with forms, lines and neat structures, accentuating an interestingly timeless trend.


Lighting fixture tip: 

An intricate mix of old and new in lighting fixture is the Sputnik chandeliers best illuminated by Edison Filament Antique Bulbs. Mounting it into your family den or lounge area with wood or metal finishing would surely transform it into an extraordinary space.  

Stick with Minimalist Concept

The luster of excessive home ornamentation has long exited the interior design trend. As much as we love accessorizing and embellishing spacious areas in our property, the new generation of architecture and design concentrates on minimalism.

Less cluttered rooms furnished only with basic and essential materials greatly attract homeowners at present since it radiates serenity and simplicity. Modern houses present natural, gentle, clean and subtle settings that emanate comfortable and functional living. Color combination and lighting are critical factors and must be significantly assessed and planned to avoid overdoing or decoration.

Lighting fixture tip:

To feature a minimalistic design and preserving a vibrant, welcoming ambiance, use monochromatic yet high contrasting hues like black lamp or pendants in a white wall. Dark and light shades, when used properly, will exhibit an amazing display of natural illumination and shadows. It is highly suggested to put up large scale light fixtures with cool or warm filament bulbs that blanket a considerable expanse of space and heighten the soothing vibe of the room.  

Combine Lighting Types that Showcase your Statement

Lastly, the best design concept must always accommodate and satisfy the interests, personality and needs of each person occupying the household. As the generation moves to a trend of making spaces more personalized convenient and inviting, it is a great chance to take a leap out of banality and create an eccentric space using lighting systems.

There are three types of lighting, and each has its own particular function. Having adequate knowledge and utilizing it to personalize any indoor or outdoor setting, would undeniably alter any space where people would feel at home.

Lighting fixture tip:

Try combining pendants, chandeliers, lamps, sconces, recessed lights, track illumination, wall fixtures and any other lighting types in a way that would improve the quality of your house design and usability. You may add themes in each corner and rooms, make use of ambient, task and accent lights to enhance them and to make a personal style statement.

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