Top 5 Must Have Things For An Off The Grid Home

July 04, 2016

off grid trailer home

Getting a home to be self sustainable is truly hard work. But the self independence that comes with a practical off the grid home is priceless. Living in the modern world city means you are always depending on someone else to provide a service or support, whether its electricity , water or waste removal. Getting your home off the grid will allow you to be in total control over your own realm.

Maybe you want to live somewhere that is really your own private space. Away from all the hustle and bustle of civilization. Away from where the power companies offer power , away from where the water company deliver water. No utilities , no problem. Modern technology would allow you to enjoy many of the the basic privileges that you would have living in a city. 

TSHF ( The system has failed ) scenario is not always on everyone's mind, but someone well prepared with a self sustaining home will go much further in survival. City dwellers would be the least prepared for a total meltdown doomsday setting. Meanwhile , the guy in the middle of nowhere that grows his own food and generates his own power would have no problem taking care of his family and surviving. He will only have to worry about protecting his family , which is a topic all by itself.

Here are 5 must have items for a modern off grid home in any remote location.


off grid space station power

1. Solar powered generator: Electricity is key for any modern home, and is now very affordable. Recommended set up for a off grid home includes solar PV panels that generates power from the sun and feed it to a charge controller. The charge controller then adjusts the voltage to a proper level which goes to charges a battery bank. 

The battery bank is charged during the day when the sun is out and shining. It is discharged during the night for lighting. That would be the basics. But a modern household has more power needs such as appliances , computers , phone / tablet charging and more. So be sure to calculate your battery bank storage precisely and monitor your energy consumption correctly.

12vmonster survival electric bike

2. Self charging electric bike: A bike that charges itself is what you will need to free yourself from visits to the gas station. The power generation system works like a car, pedaling the bike(think gas pedal) converts your mechanical energy into an electric current via an alternator to help supplement recharging a lithium-ion battery pack.

Keep in mind that pedaling only supplements the recharge process and increase the distance. A fully charged electric bike can travel for about 20 miles, a self charging electric bike can travel to 30+ miles when aided by pedaling. 

Don't worry about charging your electric bike, you are able to charge your electric bike because you have a solar powered generator.

solar cooking off grid homes 12vmonster

3.) Solar cooker: Don't waste the charged power in your solar generator battery banks for cooking. Solar cookers are here and are the best bang for the buck if you need something to fire up the grill and make delicious meals.  

Fuelless operation allows solar cookers to reduce environmental damages caused by using fuel. Over 2.5 billion people in this world use biomass fuels to generate a open fire for cooking. If everyone used a solar cooker, there would be huge economic and environmental benefits because deforestation would be reduced and possibly eliminated. 

Save your time and fuel, no need to go collect heavy firewood. Be efficient and use these brilliant devices to prepare your meal or boil your water. Solar cookers can do all this and more

- Grilling
- Frying
- Baking
- Simmering
- Stewing
- Simmering
- Stir fry

off grid toilets for remote cabins 12vmonster

4. Composting toilet: Build your own and use sawdust , or buy one with bells and whistles. A toilet would be a must for any home and since you are not paying sewage fees, you will have to figure out your own way to get rid of your waste.

Self composting toilets utilized the all natural organic way and decomposes human waste. The human waste is evaporated and recycled and converted into a nutrient rich soil, which can be used for your own garden - Yum Yum !!

When human waste products are composted the right way, the final end product does not include anything harmful such as viruses or pathogens. When selecting a composting toilet , make sure that these 3 processes are done efficiently.

- The human waste and toilet is turned into compost quickly and with minimal smell or odors.
- Finished product is easy to access and easy to handle
- All water or liquids are evaporated thoroughly.

Keep in mind that maintenance is paramount to ensure a proper working toilet. Simple task such as cleaning and servicing components will be required periodically. 

5. Manual powered washing machine: Doing your laundry manually by a river bed can be a toiling tasking. Now imagine doing it for a family. But that's what people did back in the days and it surely was hard work.

So much time and energy is saved by using a manual spinning washing machine. All this is achieved without using any electricity. A manual powered washing is also handy for camping , RV or any quick wash at home. 

Who says going off grid means living dirty ? With a hand powered washing machine. You get your clothes clean and get to excercise and keep fit at the same time.

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