Top 10 Applications for DC 24 Volt Lighting

July 21, 2016

DC 24 Volt Lighting

With most of our lives monopolized by AC electricity from utility companies, it's easy to overlook the importance of DC lightings on our lives.

Being older than their AC brother, DC lightings still have many uses today. And some of them can't be touched by their AC counterpart due to DC's battery-powered advantage of mobility.

You'll be surprised how some of the applications, although often ignored, are responsible for your comfort, safety, and in extreme cases, life.

Below are some of the most notable applications for DC 24 volt lightings, in no particular order: 

10. Vehicle lights 

Whether its cars, buses, trains and even aircrafts, 24 volt lamps and lighting are the favorite choice for vehicle lighting systems. Silently, it's responsible for the safety and lives of many drivers and passenger alike. Without it, you'll never see that red brake lights in front of you that warns you to stop. Without it, there will be no beautiful city photographs with a beautiful symphony of car headlights such as this one.

Typically, vehicle lamps use BA15s or BA15d fitting. Although the need of replacements are rare, it is relatively easy to replace.


9. RV interior lighting

Modern RV and camper designs are astonishing, and lighting design plays a big role in it. Check out this concept of Mehrzeller RV ( Hyperlink Mehrzeller: for an example of amazing uses of DC 24V lamps for an RV interior.

To achieve the same result for your camper, we can use side mount lights with E26 fittings and LED light bars, both available at our store.

Check out this ever growing ideas and inspirations for RV design on Pinterest

8. Life Lantern/Flashlights

Maybe the most famous and the most frequently used battery-powered DC lighting, it's a lifesaver during blackouts and outdoor night activities. Having saved more lives that it's credited, the flashlight has been around since the late 1800s and still is one of the most important equipment in any household.

Newer flashlights now use LED lights, which is brighter and more durable, and can turn to a lantern with a switch. 

7. Camping lights

If you've ever done camping, you should know the importance of light. For outdoor usage, camping fire is certainly an option. But what about inside your tents? And what about during stormy nights?

The answer is wire+clip light bulbs designed to be clipped easily on tents. Now you can still do your reading activities inside your tents. During blackouts, you can also use it as an emergency light in your house.

If you've never camped, well, what are you waiting for? Going back to nature has been proven to relieve stress, promoting your overall health as a result.

6. Chandeliers

Chandeliers famously utilize 24v DC lights and is the source for the breathtaking views of famous churches, palaces, and hotels among many others.

And who said off grid houses should stay modest? For those who prefers class, you can still opt to install a chandelier for your off-grid home. Simply get a chandelier holders with 24V E12 or E14 fittings, fit the DC light bulbs, and voila, you're ready to go.

5. Aircraft Interior and Emergency Lights

DC lightings are responsible for your aircraft magazines binge reading during long flights. It allows comfort and the feel of safety during an phonomenal activity that is unnatural for human beings - an air flight which defies all laws of gravity. 


And have you ever had the experience to see the emergency lightings of aircraft? Now this is a tricky one. Simply because unfortunately -or fortunately- most of us will never see this one (or won't live to tell the story), yet it's a truly mesmerizing beauty.

Newer emergency lights use non-electrical photoluminescent technology, but DC lamps are still used to complement it.

Usually, aircraft utilize a GU4 or GU5.3 fittings for spot lamps, and E26 side-mounted lamps together with LED light bars for difficult fixtures.

4. Marine Interior And Navigation Lamps

For marine and underwater usage, DC lightings have wide arrays of usage. From your yacht lighting systems to scuba diving gears to even the most complicated submarine lighting systems, most likely, its DC 24V bulbs providing the lights.

Typically, marine lamps utilize E26 or E27 fittings. Come in many shapes, size, and power, many marine and underwater needs can be covered.

Diving enthusiasts, it's time to give those 24V bulbs a nod.

3. Indoor Hydroponics

With your off-grid house already self-sustaining, we humans should also achieve the same thing. Hydroponics nowadays are no longer an alternative way to farm, but rather proven to yield better, both in quantity and quality than traditional methods.

With DC lamps, you can achieve hydroponics even in indoor venues by utilizing high lumens lighting with 400-700nm wavelength, which is typically available in E26 or E27 fittings. Indoor hydroponics have many advantages, especially being more protected from pests and unwanted climate and temperature change.

Here is a guide from Full Bloom Hydroponics for choosing your hydroponics grow-light. 

2. Aquarium / Greenhouse lights

If you are an aquarium enthusiast, then you should know the complexity and intricacy of the art of aquarium lightings.

Come in the broad spectrum of colors, power, and shapes; DC lightings can dramatically enhance an otherwise dull aquarium, seemingly breathing life unto them. If you have a saltwater aquarium with corals, lightings are especially important not only to emphasize their beauty but will also help with their health.

Nowadays, most aquariums utilize DC LED or T5 fluorescent lightings, but many variations and fittings are available.Check out this eBay amazing guide for aquarium lights. 

Did I mention that aquariums will be perfect for off-the-grid houses?

1. Off The Grid House Lighting

With most off-the-grid houses use solar power, DC 24V lightings optimized for solar power generator are perfect for the job.

Many types of lightings from incandescent to LED to Halogen are available for off the grid uses with various fittings. But to be safe, you can use MR11 or MR11 lamps with GU4 or GU5.3 fittings which provide enough lights in solar powered environments. With its many types and sizes, you can utilize it for various lighting needs of your off-grid home.

For a better idea of how to prepare your off the grid lighting system, check out this For Dummies article as a starter.





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