What Is The True Purpose of Under Cabinet Lighting?

July 13, 2022

under cabinet lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is a great way to light up your kitchen and give it a more modern look. It's also a great way to brighten up the dark corners of your kitchen. 

It can also make it easier for you to cook and do other things in the kitchen.

Under-cabinet lighting is a simple way to modernize your kitchen without breaking the bank. Besides being useful in daily life, this lighting style also raises your home's resale value

If you believe under-cabinet lighting is the ideal answer for your kitchen, the first step is to educate yourself about what it is, the alternatives available, and the different advantages of choosing the always-popular under-cabinet lighting solution.

This article will explain the many uses of under-cabinet lighting and give you some tips on how to choose the right under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen.

Exactly What Is Meant by "Under Cabinet Lighting"?

low voltage  under cabinet lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is positioned just underneath your cabinets and illuminates the space there, making food preparation safer. 

 Visually, it will provide depth to the design of your kitchen, and it will highlight the colors and lines that are included in the choices of surface tile and backsplash. It provides a soft light suitable for use at night or to assist with the lighting in a home security system. 

Under-cabinet lighting is a beneficial addition to any kitchen or other part of the home that is used for working, from the laundry room to the home office. It may improve both efficiency and comfort with a single, straightforward installation.

Benefits of Under Cabinet Lighting

If you are on the fence about whether or not it is worth your time and money to invest in this kind of house lighting, here are some reasons why you should give it some serious thought.

To Get a One-of-a-Kind Decor for Your Home

Modifying simple components of your house, such as the lighting, for the sake of style, is always a completely valid reason to do so. When it comes time to sell your house, under-cabinet lighting is a highly popular upgrade that also increases the property's value. 

Due to the layered nature of the lights, under-cabinet lighting has the potential to impart a one-of-a-kind design to your kitchen. Because the lights are made to reflect light off the surfaces that are beneath them, it opens up a lot of possibilities for how you may decorate, from the materials used for the countertops to the accessories and decorations that you choose to use.

A cozy atmosphere may be created in either your kitchen or your den by using a contemporary and customized design style. Under-cabinet lighting may even make a kitchen seem bigger if it is set to remove or enhance shadows. This is accomplished by producing bespoke lighting that adds depth and personality to the design of an already existing kitchen.

Easy on the Wallet

Because you can install them yourself and save the effort of rewiring the electrical system, installing under-cabinet light fixtures might be easier on your wallet than other lighting options.

There is such a wide selection of these lights available on the market nowadays; all you need to do is seek the models that use the least amount of electricity

Lighting installed underneath your cabinets might even help you save money on your monthly energy bill. This is particularly the case if you choose to install LED lighting in your space.

It is also essential to keep in mind that it is not necessary to illuminate the whole space to shine a light on the counters that are located below. 

Even if the light is just used in the capacity of a nightlight, a spotlight may be utilized for any short work or activity that calls for a small amount of light. When less light is used, less energy is used, which eventually results in a cheaper total energy cost from month to month.

recessed under cabinet lighting

Easy to Set Up and Install

One other indisputable advantage of under cabinet lighting is the simplicity with which it can be installed and configured. This benefit cannot be overstated. It is not an unduly difficult process to install this kind of lighting in your kitchen, and you can do so even if you have no plans to do a complete kitchen remodel.

Instead of hiring an electrician to install pendant or recessed lighting, which could be necessary in certain cases, installing under-cabinet lighting only requires you to screw or nail a strip of light below your cabinets and then plug it in.

Improvement of the Interior's Relative Value

The removal of shadows, the introduction of color, or simply the mere illusion of warmth are all ways in which under-cabinet lighting may improve the aesthetics of a space. Properly fitted, this kind of lighting can make a whole space gleam in style.

Installing efficient under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen is one of the simplest DIY projects recommended by real estate consultants to increase the value of the property immediately.

Prevent Accidents in the Kitchen

Shadows may restrict your ability to cook and prep meals in the kitchen or handle a stain in the laundry room, so having appropriate lighting can be quite useful. With under-cabinet lighting, you are not standing between the light and the countertop that you are working from, thus there are very few shadows that you will have to deal with.

By installing lights below the cabinets, the floor space below will be illuminated. The risk of slicing your finger when chopping vegetables or other food will be reduced. With a low-heat, energy-efficient lighting style, under cabinet lighting even makes a superb nightlight or security light to complement home surveillance systems.

under cabinet lighting bulbs

Under Cabinet Light Bulbs? Here’s What We Recommend

The kind of light emitted by the lights is an important consideration when deciding which under-cabinet lighting is appropriate for your space. Light-emitting diode (LED), incandescent light bulb (IGBT), and halogen bulb (HB) options are all available, each with its own set of pros and cons based on its intended use.

Because there is such a wide variety of choices, you have the freedom to choose the kind of under-counter lighting that is ideal for both your space and your spending limit.

But when it comes to halogen bulbs, these are what we highly recommend:

G8 Halogen Light Bulb Undercabinet Puck Lighting Replacement

If you're looking for kitchen lighting, this G8 Halogen Light Bulb new is perfect for under-cabinet lighting! It's energy-efficient. There are 20 Watt, 35 Watt, and 50 Watt options available.

These halogen light bulbs are guaranteed to have a long life and are very bright, and they are ideal for any lighting application that uses a G8 base with two pins.

G4 20W AC/DC 12V Clear Halogen Light Bulb JC Spot Light Desk Lamp

Our 12Vmonster.com G4 halogen bulbs provide illumination that is both crisp and brilliant. These bulbs are durable and long-lasting. They are compatible with all standard 12V halogen transformers and are an excellent choice to replace the G4 halogen light bulbs that you are currently using.

These bulbs are the ideal substitute for the majority of well-known brands, as well as home appliances, under-cabinet and ceiling-mounted puck lighting, pendant and floor lighting, and more.

Pick the under-cabinet lighting that provides the greatest number of advantages tailored to the requirements of your room, whether it be in terms of the total amount of light emitted, the hue of the light emitted or the form of the fixture.

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