Your Must-Have Outdoor Lighting for The Next Backyard Party Jam

June 08, 2021

Your Must-Have Outdoor Lighting for The Next Backyard Party Jam

When summer arrives, everyone will all be eager to go outside. Your backyard is a great place to host outdoor parties, cookouts, and other occasions. It also offers you a fantastic opportunity to show off all the hard work that you’ve put into your outdoor space. There is no better time to host than in the evening when everyone is ready to unwind. With just a few outdoor lighting, you can create a beautiful setting for people to enjoy.

Your outdoor lighting has to illuminate the space, but it shouldn’t be so bright and harsh. It should add to the ambiance of the party, but it shouldn’t be so fussy. It should be able to work with your space, so you won’t have to rewire your entire backyard. Your outdoor lighting should make you feel special. It should be able to give you that twinge of delight every time you step outside to relax or enjoy a drink before hitting the sack.

There are numerous options when it comes to outdoor lighting so it is considerably easy to create the look that you want. You can go bold or modern. You can create a whimsical feel or a romantic atmosphere. The possibilities are quite endless! You do not have to break the bank to throw an amazing event.

Here are the outdoor lighting options that you should consider installing for your next party:

Magical Lighting

outdoor string lights

Install string lights to create a romantic, whimsical, and magical feel. These lights can create soft, magical shadows. Many of the lights that you will find today have dimmer or twinkle effect options, which will help add to the ambiance. You can use real candles for your table lighting. If safety is a concern for you, you can use LED lights and lanterns, which can mimic the glow of a real lantern.

We have in our store this Rustic Finish Classic Oil Lantern Light Bulb Lamp that will be perfect for your outdoor lighting. You can get the classic oil lantern look with a modern light bulb as a light source.

Rustic Finish Classic Oil Lantern Light Bulb Lamp l Electric

It can help create that nostalgic atmosphere. It is perfect for homes, cabins, and landscape lighting. It allows easy glass cover removal, so you can easily replace the bulbs without any problem. It also features a top hanging loop so you can hang it easily.

When hanging string lights, you need to create a structure. Do not string from tree to tree to house to light post to whatever. You want some structure, and you can buy some poles to help you create that structure. It would make a huge difference because it would look intentional. If you are thinking of putting a giant light canopy, you might consider setting it up in the summer.

Accent Lighting

Outdoor accent lights add ambiance to the outdoors by giving it a lovely glow. You can illuminate your pool deck, porch, or walkway. Your outdoor lighting will help spice up your outdoors. The key to choosing the right accent light is to get those that match your home’s style. Fortunately, you would find veracious options to choose from – traditional, rustic, contemporary, industrial, and so on. If done correctly, your lights can do wonders for your curb appeal. Low-level lighting can help create a lovely hue, which can light up space and improve visibility.

outdoor accent lighting

Accent lights are not restricted to just one kind of fixture. You can find accent lights that will work well with your home’s décor or theme. For instance, the round orb lights match well with a contemporary home. You will find various accent lights to match your home’s décor and atmosphere. Accent lights will help create a relaxing ambiance. Imagine sipping wine with your guests while enjoying the serene night and your outdoors.

Path Lighting

Your path lighting will help you find your guests around your front or back yard. Your lighting will help prevent accidents. It will keep your guests from stumbling in darkness. While it is tempting to save money with low-quality lighting, it is best to invest in a better product. You want your home to be as welcoming as possible to loved ones, visitors, friends, and neighbors. You do not have to light up your entire house, but you may want to install walkway lighting to help ensure everyone’s safety.

path outdoor lighting

You don’t want your guests fumbling around in the dark. They could end up messing your lawn or damaging your sprinkler heads. Make sure to keep your driveway and pathways well lit. Place them along the sides about a foot away from the path. The lights should reach about 14 inches to provide enough illumination.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is any light that illuminates a space specifically for a specific task or purpose. These lights are important outdoor lighting fixtures. The lights can help illuminate outdoor task space, and they will make sure your outdoors are well lit for whatever task you do outdoors. Task lighting is perfect for outdoor kitchens. You can chop vegetables, make cocktails, add seasonings, grill meat, and perform an outdoor task without any problem. This is also a great opportunity to show off your grilling skills by illuminating the spot with task lighting.

task lighting outdoors

Area Lighting

There should always be enough light to see things comfortably. You need mid-level lighting to illuminate an area. This type of lighting will make an area feel welcoming and safe. The light need not be incredibly bright. Consider placing lighting around the perimeter of your patio. It will help light up the area without being too blinding.

Set up the right outdoor light for your next outdoor backyard party. Lighting is a crucial part of any outdoor event. Too much light or the lack of it can spoil your party’s ambiance. There should be enough light to avoid safety issues as well.

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