Top Lighting Trends For Upcoming 2017

September 05, 2016

lighting trends in 2017

The lighting industry is a big part of our lives that is advancing at a tremendous rate with every passing year. Both technology and design-wise, it is constantly being re-developed to achieve better energy efficiency, safety, functionality, and aesthetic values. 
The next year is no different; many major advancements are made in the lighting industry, as well as shifts in design trends. Nearing the last quarter of 2016, here are the top lighting trends that we will see in 2017

1. Smart Lightbulbs

Smart lightbulbs (aff.) might be one of the most important lighting inventions of the last decade, and has been a great hit throughout 2016.

We have covered a bit of it in our tiny house lighting guide, but it can benefit any lighting design and applications.

From aesthetic purpose with their color-changing feature and even built-in speakers to efficiency boosting features with smart scheduling and automation from your mobile phone.

Here are the top rated smart bulbs by PC Magazine, but some of our recommendations are:

  • GE C Series: The C-sleep is designed to help you sleep better, with GE claiming that it illuminates a certain color spectrum for the best sleeping environment. The C-life can dim and brighten instantly, coupled with GE's one of the most sophisticated control apps, we definitely recommend it.
  • Phillip Hue: The Hue is famous for its color-changing feature, that can be scheduled so that it can act as a timer, alarm, or simply dim when you are away from the house.
  • Sony LSPX-102E26: Simply because of the built-in speaker feature. The 192 color settings and 32 brightness mode are also major values.

2. Industrial Modern Fixtures

Industrial lighting design is a big hit in 2016, coupled with the overall industrial-themed interior design which is the current trend for the year. This trend is here to stay

Think it might be a fad? The design community suggested that it will stay for several years to come. To achieve the best industrial look, here are a few things you should look for:

Raw look

Metal fixtures are the way to go, give it a rustic finish to bring out the raw, unfinished look. Antique bronze or brush nickel is the most popular selection for an industrial look. Couple it with old-school Edison bulbs.


To best achieve the overall industrial look, paint the walls with neutral colors, accented by concrete, steel or wood to combine perfectly with your metal fixture.

Modern Furnishing

Rustic metal cabinets and shelving coupled with modern furniture will combine all the elements together.

3. Oversized Fixtures

Fixtures, as well as other decorative accents, are commonly sized in proportion to the size of the site to achieve balance. However, this year's trend is going in the opposite direction.

Accenting a room with an over-sized fixture will be a big hit in 2017, and can be applied to just any room you desire. Acting as a centerpiece of the room, the big fixture can act as a statement pendant, bringing boldness to an otherwise dull room of any size.

Because of its unconventional nature, it's understandable that you might be nervous to adapt this design. Here are some tips:

1.If you're also in need of a ceiling fan, the two-in-one fan/light now come in oversized fixtures, such as this 99" two-in-one ceiling fan by Minka Aire

2. Over-sized chandeliers will work well with open spaces like entrances, hallways, or open room. Try a modern over-sized chandelier such as one in the photo below.

3. On the other hand, pendant lamps will work better with spaces like kitchen or dining room. Try out the PH Artichoke by Louis Poulsen.

4. Nature-Inspired

The nature-inspired design has been a major show on Messe Frankfurt's Light+Design show back in March 2016. Since then, it has caught the public attention to be one of the hottest upcoming lighting trends of 2017

Organic-shaped fixtures will soften any room to create a natural accent, and instantly fills the void of an otherwise bare space.

image: Bocci

5. DC Current Is Making A Comeback

AC won the battle to be the favorable electric current back in the 19th century. However, the trend is currently shifting in favor of the DC currents.

In our previous articles, we have covered why DC have many advantages over its AC counterpart, and apparently, we're not alone.

Here are just some of the major advancements of DC network:

  • Tesla announced the lithium-ion household battery Powerwall, with public recognition reminiscing the first iPhone announcement. Other big players like Samsung, Schneider Electric, and Panasonic are soon following.
  • Startups like Moixa has developed DC systems from home control systems to USB adapters, and they are not the only startup with DC power interest.
  • Cisco, the leading network company, is developing an Ethernet network to power DC electricity. Remember that ethernet not only provides power, but also data, so it can also act as a control system.

What To Predict In the Future?

Design and technology are always recycling. We're looking back to DC current, a thing to the past, to improve efficiency further. Retro industrial design was also a recycled trend.

Would incandescent bulbs make a comeback later? Apparently, it might be a yes. Studies from all around the world are pointing to the use of nanotechnology to improve incandescent's efficiency, such as this report by MIT.

One thing to be sure, we're moving closer and closer to the realization of the true internet of things , with smart, wirelessly controlled bulbs being a major part of it.

With DC current making a comeback, maybe it's time to look for your options. Check out our previous article about reducing compliance to the power companies.

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