Is It Time To Retrofit LED Lighting To My Tractor?

September 22, 2020

led tractor lights

Are you wondering if it’s time to retrofit your tractor headlamps with LED lighting? But what is lighting retrofit? Basically, it means renovating your old light fixture or bulbs with bulbs that would help improve the lighting and light temperature, so that your lamp would emit less heat and save more energy.

If you live in an area where you have long and dark winters and you need to work more comfortably, you definitely should consider upgrading your tractor headlights. You may have questions and doubts, and you’re not sure what to get.

So, why should you consider LED retrofitting your tractor lighting? Light technology has grown by leaps and bounds. LED lights are definitely taking over, and they are becoming a shining star in farm machinery. But why would you choose to retrofit your tractor?

tractor head lights

LED Lights are Energy Efficient

LED lights are preferred for being energy efficient, which means a longer battery and alternator life for your machine. You can add lights without running the danger of overloading the electrical system, which is important especially with older machinery. LED lights are manufactured without heavy pollutants or dangerous materials, so they make LED lights even more energy-efficient and green.

While halogen and incandescent lights use 90% to 95% of current draw to create heat, LED only has 80% current draw, and it’s constant. They are perfect for colder temperatures. They also turn on instantly. There are LED lamps that feature a slow start at a low wattage, and then they would step up to full power. These bulbs are designed to fit existing light housing for your tractors. They feature plug-and-play connectivity so they are easy to set up.

LED Produce Natural Light

LED lights are able to create natural sunlight color temperature, which is good for the eyes. The eyes love sunlight, and natural color doesn’t cause eye fatigue as easily as other types of lighting do.  This means long hours of operation for tractor operators, and this means greater productivity.

LED Lights Have Longer Life

LEDs last longer than other bulbs. At a life rating, it can last 40,000 hours before they will need to be replaced – and that’s with no maintenance! HID bulbs can last for 2.500 hours while halogen ones can only give you about 500 hours.

LED bulbs are also protected against water and dust, and they can handle a power washer. These bulbs do not contain a filament, so you won’t have to worry about vibrations. These things are also incredibly easy to replace. You just need to plug them in.

LEDs Create Minimal Shadow Areas

LEDs create minimal or even no shadow areas. It produces directional light output, which is either a flood or trapezoidal pattern. Floodlight output is perfect for illuminating wide and short areas. These things are great for medium-range visibility. Trapezoidal pattern lights are great for general work. These things create a long-range narrow pattern.

LEDs are Popular in the Agricultural Market

The advancement in LEDs has made it incredibly popular in the agricultural market. There is an increasing demand for LED lighting even for older equipment, especially the row-crop and four-wheel-drive tractors.

It also helps that retrofitting is easy. It isn’t a problem. In fact, you do not need additional equipment for installation. Retrofitting your tractor would depend on your needs. How important is a single light in the area that you want to be lit? Do you want to add more light to the side of your tractor as well? Are you going to rely solely on your tractor light for work? With the last case, you will need a higher quality of LED light.

You want the ideal LED for your tractor lighting. It should be able to survive cold winter months, being sprayed with salt and vibrations, and withstand hot summer months. An ideal LED lamp replacement for trailer lighting, forklift headlights, landscaping bulbs, tractor lamps, and other farm machine illumination.

Are LED Retrofits Expensive?

The upfront cost for your retrofit can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands. No matter the cost, retrofits are designed to reduce your consumption and save you money in the long run. There is a clamor for everyone to go greener and eco-friendly, and LED light is greener than other light bulbs.

Ways to Retrofit LED Lights

Retrofitting LED lights offer countless benefits. One of which is LED lights are extremely energy-efficient, and by retrofitting, you will be able to reduce your energy used by as much as 70 percent compared to other bulbs. They require little to no maintenance, and they last a long time. If you want to transition over to cleaner and efficient LED lighting, you need to learn how retrofitting works.

First, there are your plug-and-play LED tubes. If you are considering upgrading to LED lights, this may be your best approach especially if you are happy with your existing fixtures. As the name implies, you will only plug the bulb into the existing fixture without needing to add wiring or modify existing ones. The great thing about this is that you can take advantage of low-cost LED lamps for your machine. You can also recoup the cost of your bulbs over time due to huge cost savings.

LED lamp replacements can also come as retrofit kits, which are great if you want to keep your existing fixtures in place. These kits make it possible to upgrade your fixtures, so they can run any LED lamp.  Most kits are straightforward when it comes to installations, but you can want to consult with a professional if you are not comfortable with wiring and soldering.

Retrofit Your Tractor with Our PAR36 LED Tractor Head Light

par36 tractor lamp replacement

Our PAR36 LED Tractor Head Light offers a quick and easy replacement for low voltage tractor headlights.  They can also be used for landscaping or pool reflector. You can also use them for garden tractors, farming equipment, and fog lights.

These PAR36 Tractor Lamp Replacements are perfect for surface mount spotlights, fixture mounted landscape lights, and it runs way cooler than traditional halogens. These headlights are perfect for any low voltage 12-volt power source. These things can handle spikes up to 36V. So not only are these perfect for tractors, but they can also be placed on cars, boats, trucks, marinas, motor homes, RVs, and motor homes.

These headlights are easy to install with any low voltage PAR36 fixture. There is an increasing diversity in tractor or machine lighting these days, but LED bulbs are more flexible. They can be mounted anywhere you want. It’s eco-friendly, and it will last a long time. There is no worry of toxic mercury. It can last for more than 30,000 hours.

Is it time for you to retrofit LED lighting to your tractor? It is! You should consider replacing old machinery and equipment lighting with LED fixtures to help these machines run more efficiently. They will look sleeker and more stylish than outdated fixtures.  While this can cost you money, it will also help save you time and money in the long run. You will also likely be more productive with the right lighting.


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