Healthy Candle Tips Everyone Should Know

February 27, 2023

Healthy Candle Tips Everyone Should Know

If you’ve been using candles for a long time then you probably know that there are several ways you can keep your candles healthy so that they can last long and serve their purpose with much more efficiency.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the different ways you can make and keep your candle healthy and more efficient.

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What are candles?

First up let’s take a look at what candles are. According to Britannica, candles are one of the earliest inventions of humankind and were a necessity used primarily as a source of light during the days when electricity was not yet discovered and accessible.

Although, aside from being a household necessity, candles also play a significant role in our culture as in several parts of the world, they are also used in artistic and ceremonial events.

Nowadays, candles are more currently used by homeowners in creating an ambient home and improving its scent.

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Healthy candle tips everyone should know

Now let’s get back to why you’re here, to know what are the things you can do to make your candles more healthier and efficient.

Here are some of the simple and small things you can do for your candles that can go a long way:

Trim your candle wick to ¼ inch long before using it

Believe it or not, trimming your candle’s wick to ¼ inch long goes a long way.

Trimming your wick helps you to control the height of flame that your candle produces when you light it up. This means that a shorter wick will create a shorter flame which leads to less smoke while also preventing black soot from forming or marking on your candle holders. In addition to this, a smaller flame means a longer candle life.

One way to do this is with scissors or a wick trimmer.

Refrain from pilling up any debris on your candle

This is another small tip that goes a long way, and this one lies more on the safety side.

Whatever you do, refrain from putting any kind of debris in your candle - a perfect example are old wicks or matches that you used for lighting up the candle.

Leftover debris creates an additional wick which means a stronger flame which can result in black soot, more consumption of wax, and a fire hazard.

Be mindful where you throw your candle debris and it's much better if you just threw them in the trash.

When using up your candle for the first time, make sure you let it burn for at least two hours

This might seem like a waste of wax and money but burning your candle for at least two hours when you first use it or at least letting it burn all the way to the edges will result in a more distributed burn in the future.

This means that after that long first burn will result in your having an evenly lit candle int he future and you can avoid tunneling which is when your candle only burns through the middle.

In addition to this, this can also help your candle produce a slower burn in the future which means you'll save more wax and money.

Just a quick reminder though to never let your candle burn for more than four hours.

Don’t blow out the flame, use a metal dipper instead

When putting out your candle, instead of blowing out the flame just like in a traditional way, use a metal dipper instead and dip the lit wick into the wax. 

Aside from extinguishing the flame, it also coats your wick in wax. This means that you’ll have a smokeless way of putting out your candle’s flame resulting in less black soot.

Just make sure that the wick stays in a straight position and its not bended or dipped into the wax.

Do a tunnel fix

Earlier, we mentioned tunneling. What do you do when you’ve already started to have a tunnel in your candle?

No worries, there’s always a fix for everything.

How do you do it? There’s a thing called the tin foil trick, and it’s very simple to do.

All you got to do is surround a tin foil around the rim of your candle container but keep in mind that there should still be enough space for your wick to burn.

This helps radiate heat that focuses on the sides of your candle container creating an even burn.

Just be cautious when doing this method as working with fire is always a hazard.

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There you go! Those are some of the small things you can do to put your candle in a healthier and more efficient state.

While these steps might seem simple and easy to do, make sure to always approach them with caution as you can never be too safe when playing with fire. Which is why it's also a good idea to check out our collection of flameless candle holders.

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