G45 and A19 LED Light Bulbs: What Do These 2 Codes Mean and What's The Difference?

March 17, 2021

G45 and A19 LED Light Bulbs: What Do These 2 Codes Mean and What's The Difference?

Modern LED light bulbs come in various shapes and sizes, and most homeowners find them quite confusing. There are just so many options to choose from. Eight different light bulbs are typically found in most households, and these bulbs are used in various fixtures. They also come with various requirements when it comes to the size, shape, and the way the bulb projects light. As a result, finding the right bulb has become quite tricky.

What are Light Bulb Codes?

It is important to understand the common household light bulbs as well as their shapes, sizes, and styles especially if you are updating incandescent fixtures into energy-efficient ones. Light bulbs have identifying characteristics, which make them unique from other bulbs. These characteristics are represented by a letter or series of letters and a number, which are known as light bulb codes.

The letter or letters indicate the shape or special feature of the bulb, like its reflector. The number in the code indicates its size in millimeters or eights of an inch. You need to know these codes, so you would know which bulb will fit into your fixture.  You would also know if it’s the right shape.

What are A19 Light Bulbs?

Standard Arbitrary bulbs are the most common and widely used bulbs when it comes to household lighting. These are what everyone first thinks of when they think of “light bulbs.” They work well for a variety of household applications including ceiling, vanity, kitchen, closet, porch lights, and so on. A stands for arbitrary, and the number represents the bulb’s diameter in one-eighth of an inch.

A19 measures 2-3/8 diameter. This is the most common size and shape, and you will often find it in most homes. They are often used in lamps, sconce fixtures, hallways lights, ceiling fans, and more. The shape of the bulb hasn’t changed since Edison first produced it in 1879.

DC 12V-36V 4W A19 A60 LED Filament Vintage Light Bulb Lighting Retrofit

If you are in need of an A19 light bulb, you might want to check out our A19 LED Filament Vintage Light Bulb. This is an ultra-bright COB LED wire filament that is encapsulated in a traditional glass bulb. It is perfect for vintage-style desk lamps. It is bright and durable, and it is perfect for any low voltage DC 12V-36V power system. This bulb can tolerate unstable voltage levels while continuing to provide consistent brightness levels without flickering.

What are G45 Light Bulbs?

Globe (G) bulbs have a full round shape, but they are available in various sizes. These bulbs are perfect for numerous applications. You can use them as foyer lights, kitchen lights, chandeliers, and ornamental fixtures. The large ones are placed in the bathroom and makeup vanities. The number in the code refers to the bulb’s diameter in one-eighth of an inch or a millimeter.

G45 bulbs are small and compact. They are considerably smaller than A19 bulbs. They are small round bulbs that look like a golf ball sitting on a tee. They are quite similar to candle bulbs, and they are commonly found in bedside lamps and desk lamps as they take up little space.

DC 12V-36V 2W LED G45 Filament COB Light Bulb Outdoor Landscape Rope Lamp

If you are looking for a G45 light bulb, you might want to check out our LED G45 Filament COB Light Bulb. This LED light bulb is perfect for garden rope lighting and landscape illumination. This G45 light bulb includes powerful COB LED filaments that are enclosed in a glass traditional light bulb. It is compact and powerful, and it is perfect for any low voltage power system. It can tolerate unstable voltage levels while still providing a steady supply of light without flickering.

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