LED Replacements For Landscape PAR36 Light Bulbs Instead Of Halogen?

March 30, 2021

LED Replacements For Landscape PAR36 Light Bulbs Instead Of Halogen

PAR36 bulbs have been around the landscaping game for a long time, but they have always been traditionally halogen. New LED tech makes it possible now to replace old halogen PAR36 bulbs. In many cases, you can now replace your halogen bulbs with LED bulbs. Replacing your bulbs with 12V LED bulbs offer numerous benefits. You can enjoy a better light performance. You can also benefit from lower power consumption. You can also save a ton on outdoor lighting power cost.

LED PAR36 bulbs are primarily used as outdoor lights. They can quickly add elegance to your landscape settings. They also help control light in a precise manner to help produce the correct light intensity. They are used in outdoor, studio lighting in retail spaces, offices, restaurants, and hotels. They create a wider beam angle in landscape lighting. Before you start retrofitting your fixtures, make sure you know a little bit about your replacement LED bulbs before you buy them.

Do They Make 12V LED par36 Bulbs

Are you looking for replacements for your old halogen PAR36 landscape bulbs? You can change to long-lasting LED bulbs for the same cost. Our PAR36 AR111 LED bulb replacements are perfect for surface mount spotlights and fixture mounted lights. They run cooler than traditional halogen PAR36 bulbs. They work great for semi-tractors, agricultural, farming equipment, and vehicles too!

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